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ECP Service Dossier Spotlight Series: Mariana Manchester, Fall 2023

ECP Service Dossier Spotlight Series: Jason Huang, Spring 2023

ECP Service Dossier Spotlight Series: Tatum Carver-Dews, Fall 2022

ECP Service Dossier Spotlight Series: Kennedy Simon, Spring 2022

ECP Service Dossier Spotlight Series: Sydney Remont, Fall 2021

ECP Service Dossier Spotlight Series: Alaysia Johnson, Spring 2021

ECP Service Dossier Spotlight Series: Joseph Park, Fall 2020

Congratulations, ECP Spring 2023 Graduates!

Congratulations, ECP Fall 2022 Graduate!

Congratulations, ECP Summer 2022 Graduate!

Congratulations, ECP Spring 2022 Graduates!

Congratulations, ECP Fall 2021 Graduates!

Congratulations, ECP Summer 2021 Graduate!

Congratulations, ECP Spring 2021 Graduates!

Congratulations, ECP Fall 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations, ECP Summer 2020 Graduate!

Congratulations, ECP Spring 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations, ECP Fall 2019 Graduates!

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CCELL Happy Award Recipients

2022-2023 Happy Award Honors Outstanding Contributions to Service-Learning 

2021-2022 Happy Award Honors Remarkable Contributions to Service-Learning

2020-2021 Happy Award Honors Exemplary Contributions to Service-Learning

2019-2020 Happy Award Honors Extraordinary Contributions to Service-Learning

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Inside LSU S-L Courses

Service-Learning in Paris

Marketing to Give

Care, Compassion, and Culture: Service-Learning in Costa Rica

George Stanley: Professor Leaves Legacy in ChemDemo

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"Patience, Perseverance, and Passion:" A Service-Learning Legacy

CCELL Hosts Inaugural S-L Online Faculty Workshop

Longtime English Instructor Wins Distinguished Outstanding S-L Faculty Award

CCELL Launches #MakeBeautiful Campaign, Celebrates Former Director's Living Legacy

"Be Brave, Be a Hero, Be a Volunteer”: LSU Students Impacted and Make an Impact

Highlighting Long-standing CCELL Community Partners

Katelyn McCoy: LSU Alumna Takes the Next Step in Service 

Victoria Cantelli: Fitness for Everyone