Workday Student: Change Network

April 30, 2024

As we move closer to a larger rollout for the Workday Student project, the Organizational Change Management workstream has kicked off a change network composed of LSU staff focused on supporting the implementation. This network will work with faculty, staff and students to facilitate adoption of Workday Student throughout the university.

The network includes members from each project workstream and a diverse representation of individuals from the advising and departmental administrator communities.  Over time the network will be expanded to include representation from other campus groups.

Change liaisons have been designated in each workstream and, among their many activities, they assist with efforts to capture changes and end user impacts within design and testing sessions. This work ensures that decisions are tracked and implications recorded, which will then inform the development of training materials and allow for a smoother transition to Workday Student. Staff in the two support network groups (advising and departmental administrative support) will receive extensive training and will take part in testing and training efforts on the new system. They will also serve as points of contact in their respective units, assist with engagement efforts and collect feedback from their colleagues.

The change network meets monthly to review project progress, training materials and other key information. They offer feedback based on their area of expertise and bring information back to their departments and the larger LSU community.

While the different groups have distinct roles, the overall change network will come together to champion transformation, foster communication, and increase awareness. These efforts will create avenues to provide feedback and build readiness among faculty, staff and students.

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