Case Management Services

What is a Case Manager?

A case manager works to find solutions, to provide assistance, and to bridge the gap between needs and resources, both academic and personal. View a list of case management services. A case manager meets with students to assess, plan, coordinate, and facilitate referrals to providers. Finally, a case manager helps students navigate the health insurance system, including enrollment, coverage, and limitations, supporting students in becoming informed consumers of healthcare.

The case manager collaborates with partners throughout the Student Health Center, as well as those in the campus and surrounding community to connect LSU students to health and wellness resources.

Meet Your Case Manager

Phone: 225-578-5718

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For more information about case management services, please contact the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion at 225-578-5718.


How can a Case Manager assist me?

Apply for Assistance

Help securing health insurance coverage from the Louisiana Medicaid Program or marketplace plans.

Assistance with connecting with programs that provide specific medications at low cost.

Guidance for students who have financial need and food insecurity to determine eligibility for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly Food Stamps.

Connect with Resources

Assistance for survivors of interpersonal violence with navigating legal/ judicial, housing, mental health, and medical systems, as well as with safety planning.

Education about pregnancy and parenting options, referrals to government assistance programs, if needed, and campus partners, who can assist with academics during pregnancy.

Help accessing immediate support in the campus or local community, during periods of crisis.

Obtain Referrals

Guidance navigating health insurance benefits, coverage, and provider networks for medical, dental, vision and mental health care.

Assistance locating providers who offer low cost health care services for students who may be uninsured, underinsured or have financial need.

Help identifying specialty care and resources that may not be available on campus.

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