Choosing A Major

At LSU, “pre-med” and “pre-dental” are not majors, but specializations or focus of studies that may be incorporated into any degree granting program of study offered at the university.

Medical and dental schools like to admit students with varying interests and backgrounds. While there is no one major that a student should select, medical and dental school admissions committees encourage students to strive for a “broad education.” This generally means that they not only prefer students with a strong foundation in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, math), but who also have solid backgrounds in the social sciences and humanities and have developed strong communication and interpersonal skills. With these goals in mind, students are free to select any major they may find interesting and challenging and in which they will perform well.

The majority of students choose to major in science. They do this because they have an interest in science and feel that this type of major will provide a strong foundation for medical/dental school. However, students should not major in science simply as a means to increase their chances for acceptance. Many students will select a major that prepares them for a career outside of the health professions should they be unsuccessful in gaining admission.

Regardless of major, students are expected to perform well academically. Your chances of a strong academic performance are better if you select a major that interests and excites you. Students who choose not to major in science are strongly encouraged to take more than the minimum number of science courses required for admission and to consider a minor in Biological Sciences due to the volume of courses in this area that coincide with professional school prerequisites. It should be emphasized that non-science majors need to do particularly well in their science coursework.

LSU students have been accepted to medical and dental schools from various academic disciplines, therefore, select a major that is right for you and motivates you to perform at your highest level.

If you are torn between two majors, we recommend that you explore the curriculum for each major and the website for your professional schools of interest (i.e. Prerequisites, Suggested Courses, Curriculum) to aid in your decision.