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We have a strong theoretical, computational, experimental, and observational establishment in geochemistry. Research interest encompasses “high-dimensional” stable isotope fractionation, atmospheric chemistry, martian surface processes, early Earth, impacts, the Great Oxidation Event, snowball Earth, Paleozoic Earth climate, coupled mountain-building and climate change, coupled evolution of life and environment, paleoceanography, cryosphere geochemistry, property of man-made materials, and isotope equilibrium and kinetics. The department has fully equipped wet-chemistry laboratories, trace-element laboratory, organic geochemistry laboratory, and state-of-art stable isotope facilities that have the unique capability including analyzing triple oxygen isotope compositions of diverse compounds, and first-principles atomistic modeling with access to high-performance computers on campus.

Faculty members:
Suniti Karunatillake
Guangsheng Zhuang
Achim Herrmann
Darrell Henry
Jonathan Snow
Jianwei Wang

Matthew Loocke