SeYeon Chung

Associate ProfessorSeYeon Chung
CDIB Division

PhD: Seoul National University
Postdoc: Johns Hopkins University

Office: A208 Life Sciences Annex
Lab: A225/A229 Life Sciences Annex
Office: 225-578-1756
Lab Website: Chung Lab
Twitter: @seyeon_chung

Area of Interest

My lab investigates the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying tissue morphogenesis. The formation of three-dimensional tubular structures from flat epithelial sheets is a key process of organ formation in all animals, including mammalian lungs, kidney and digestive organs. Yet, we do not fully understand how such dramatic changes in tissue structures occur on a cellular level, and what molecular components regulate this fundamental process. My approach takes advantage of powerful Drosophila genetics, live imaging and computational analysis. Specifically, using Drosophila embryonic tubular epithelia as models, I seek to understand how the forces driving spatiotemporal changes in cell shape, arrangement and position are generated and transmitted during epithelial tube formation. These studies provide a basis for understanding general processes of organogenesis.  

Selected Publications

Vishakha Vishwakarma, Thao Phuong Le and SeYeon Chung. (2022) Multifunctional role of GPCR signaling in epithelial tube formation. Development, dev.200519.

Sujin Nam, Thao Phuong Le, SeYeon Chung and Kwang-Wook Choi (2022)   Tctp regulates the level and localization of Foxo for cell growth in Drosophila. Cell Death Discovery 8, 146.

SeYeon Chung, Thao Phuong Le, Vishakha Vishwakarma, Yim Ling Cheng and Deborah J Andrew (2021) Isoform-specific roles of the Drosophila filamin-type protein Jitterbug (Jbug) during development. Genetics 219: iyab100

Thao Phuong Le and SeYeon Chung (2021). Regulation of apical constriction via microtubule- and Rab11-dependent apical transport during tissue invagination. Mol Biol Cell 32:1033-1047.  

SeYeon Chung, Sangjoon Kim and Deborah J. Andrew (2017). Uncoupling apical constriction from tissue invagination. eLife 6:e22235

SeYeon Chung and Deborah J. Andrew (2014). Cadherin 99C regulates apical expansion and cell rearrangement during epithelial tube elongation. Development 141:1950-1960

SeYeon Chung, Cy Chavez and Deborah J. Andrew (2011). Trachealess (Trh) regulates all tracheal genes during Drosophila embryogenesis. Dev Biol 360: 160-172

SeYeon Chung, Melissa S. Vining, Pamela L. Bradley, Chih-Chiang Chan, Keith A. Wharton, Jr. and Deborah J. Andrew. (2009). Serrano (Sano) functions with the planar cell polarity genes to control tracheal tube length. PLoS Genet 5: e1000746

SeYeon Chung, Sangjoon Kim, Jeongsook Yoon, Paul N. Adler and Jeongbin Yim. (2007). The balance between the novel protein target of wingless and the Drosophila Rho-associated kinase pathway regulates planar cell polarity in the Drosophila wing. Genetics 176:891-903

Review Papers

SeYeon Chung, Caitlin D. Hanlon and Deborah J. Andrew (2014). Building and Specializing epithelial tubular organs: the Drosophila salivary gland as a model system for revealing how epithelial organs are specified, form and specialize. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol 3: 281-300

SeYeon Chung and Deborah J. Andrew. (2008). The formation of epithelial tubes. J Cell Sci 121: 350-3504

Positions Available

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