Q&A With Karsten Thompson: Capturing Carbon and Shaping the Future of Energy

September 29, 2023

Portrait of Karsten Thompson

Karsten Thompson

Karsten Thompson, interim dean of the LSU College of Engineering, recently shared insight into his research in the area of porous materials and carbon capture and storage (CCS). He also discussed how the college is advancing LSU's Scholarship First Agenda, in particular as it relates to shaping the future of energy.

Thompson says his expertise relates to how fluids and particles move, react, and become trapped or mobilized inside the pore space, a key concept in CCS.  

"CCS is a good example of how the College of Engineering impacts and serves Louisiana," he says. "Our state is anticipated to be one of the world leaders in industrial CCS, with tens of billions of dollars in investment planned. LSU has a key role in providing workforce, R&D, and an independent knowledge resource on a topic that has become contentious."  

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