World-renowned LSU Center for Internal Auditing to Add Cybersecurity, ESG Focus

March 06, 2023

Glenn Sumners, LSUCIA&CRM director, teaches a course taking questions from a student with a raised hand.

Professor Glenn Sumners leads the LSU Center for Internal Auditing & Cybersecurity Risk Management.

The LSU Center for Internal Auditing, the world’s premier university-based internal audit education program, will expand to include a greater focus on cybersecurity risk and environmental, social & governance (ESG) issues. The program has been renamed the LSU Center for Internal Auditing & Cybersecurity Risk Management (LSUCIA&CRM).

“Cybersecurity, ESG reporting, and talent development have been identified as top risk factors for companies for the foreseeable future. LSUCIA&CRM addresses all three critical issues. Not only does this benefit employers, but it provides students from all backgrounds the opportunity to launch a lucrative and rewarding career in internal auditing,” said E. J. Ourso College of Business Dean Jared J. Llorens. 

Cyber risk impacts organizations of all sizes. The business costs related to cybercrime and other breaches continue to grow. According to IBM statistics from 2022, the average data breach in the US costs $9.44 million; the same statistics show that a ransomware attack costs $4.54 million, while destructive attacks cost an average of $5.12 million. Curriculum enhancements will help students identify cybersecurity concerns when looking at an organization’s overall risk profile. This work offers critical protections for businesses of all sizes.