Fall 2024 Colloquium

LSU Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Archives

Note: All colloquia will be held in room 119 Nicholson Hall at 3:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title of Talk Speaker Speaker's Institution Host
August 29, 2024   Minseong Lee, Staff Scientist National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Xiaojian Bai
September 5, 2024   Nicolao Fornengo, Professor University of Torino and INFN - Torino Michela Negro
September 12, 2024  

Javad Shabani, Associate Professor of Physics

Director of the Center of Quantum Information Physics

NYU,  SHABANI LAB Constantin Schrade
September 19, 2024   Floor Broekgaarden, Junior Fellow,  Simons Society of Fellows Columbia University/Flatiron Institute/CCA Eric Burns
September 26, 2024   Jianwei Sun, Associate Professor Tulane University Ka Ming Tam
October 3, 2024   Dr. Corey Rae McRae National Institute of Standards and Technology Ilya Veckter
October 10, 2024   Jermey Holt, Associate Professor Texas A&M University Kristina D Launey
October 24 2024   Brajesh Gupt,  Quantum Applied Scientist Amazon Web Services Ivan Agullo
October 31, 2024   Elio König Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research Justin Wilson
November 7, 2024   Cristian Batista, Lincoln Chair Professor University of Tennessee Xiaojian Bai
November 14, 2024   Thomas Baumgarte, William R. Kenan Professor of Physics Bowdoin College Peter Diener
November 21, 2024   Smitha Vishveshwara, Professor University of Illinois James A. Sauls
December 5, 2024   Roberto Leon-Montiel, Associate Professor Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares UNAM Omar Magaña-Loaiza



Spring 2025 Colloquium

Date Title of Talk Speaker Speaker's Institution Host
January 16th, 2025        
January 23rd, 2025   Filip Ronnning, Director Insitute for Materials Science Los Alamos National Lab Ilya Veckter
January 30th, 2025   Dr. Ou Labun, Research Assosicate UT Austin Joyoni Dey
February 6th, 2025        
February 13th, 2025   Ravi Kopparapu NASA Natalie Hinkel
February 20th, 2025        
February 27th, 2025   Pre-booked    
March 6th, 2025   Pre-booked    
March 13th, 2025   Pre-booked    
March 27th, 2025   Pre-booked    
April 10th, 2025        
April 17th, 2025        
May 1st, 2025   Andriy Nevidomskyy, Professor Rice University Ilya Veckter