Museum Seminar Series

The Museum Seminar Series is a weekly research talk at the LSU Museum of Natural Science given by invited speakers and LSU personnel that revolves around topics of natural history, ecology, or evolutionary biology. Seminars are open to the public and take place on Fridays at 3:30pm in the museum exhibits area. See schedule below. #MuseumSeminar 

2024 Fall Seminar Schedule



2024 Spring Seminar Schedule

Date Details
February 2 Dr. Sarah Khalil.
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University.
Title: What's in a Name? How (and Why) the Red=Backed Farywren Gets Its Red: From Hormones to Genomes
February 9 No Seminar - Mardi Gras
February 16 Dr. Emily Taylor.
Biological Sciences Department, California Polytechnic State University.
Title: Next Generation Natural History: Using Technology to Understand the Behavior of a Secretive Predator
February 23 Dr. Jaime A. Chaves.
Department of Biology, San Francisico State University
Title: TBD.
March 1 Frederick H. Sheldon.
LSU Museum of Natural Science.
Title: 47 Years Hacking Through Darkets Borneo, Finally biogeographic Light.
March 8 Eamon C. Corbett and Heru Handika.
LSU Museum of Natural Science.
Title: Travelogues: Gulf Coast Grackles/Mammology Expedition in Sumatra's Unexplored Mountains: A Four-Month Adventure.
March 15 No Seminar -- Spring Break
March 22 Dr. Marcella D. Baiz.
Department of Biological Sciences, University at Buffalo.
Title: Genetic Divergence Among Colorful Wood Warblers and Consequences for Gut Microbiome Assembly.
March 29 No Seminar -- Good Friday
April 5 Dr. Marcelo Gehara.
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University - Newark.
Title: TBD
April 12 Dr. Lukas J. Musher.
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.
Title: The Role of River Rearrangements in Driving Evolutionary Patterns and Processes in Amazonia
April 19

Austin Chipps and Samantha L. Rutledge.
LSU Museum of Natural Science.
Title: Travelogues: Small Mammal Diversity in What Remains of Borneo's Lowland Forest/New Mexico.

April 26

Dr. Robb T. Brumfield and Dr. Gregory Thom.
LSU Museum of Natural Science.
Title: Travelogues

May 3

Dr. Natalia Bayona Vasquez.
Natural Science and Mathematics Department, Oxford College of Emory University.
Title: Threads of Life: Genomic Protocols to Unravel Ecological Mysteries.


2023 Fall Seminar Schedule

Date Details
September 1

Dr. Andre Moncrief
LSU Museum of Natural Science
Title: Travelogue – Cordillera Azul, Peru

September 8

Dr. Hector Ramirez Chaves
Universidad de Caldas
Title: TBD

September 15

Dr. James Albert
Department of Biology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Title: Towards a Parametric Theory of Continental Biogeography

September 22

Dr. Jacob Gautreaux
Department of History, Geography and Philosophy, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Title: George Lowery’s Contribution to Ornithological Studies and his Somewhat Controversial Connection to the Ivory Billed Woodpecker

September 30 

Dr. Kevin Bennett
Department of Biology, Pennsylvania State University
Title: TBD

October 6 

No seminar: Fall Break

October 13 

Dr. Melissa Hawkins
Division of Mammals, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian
Title: TBD

October 20 

Dr. Kathleen Ferris
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University
Title: TBD

October 27

No seminar: Yellow Rails and Rice Festival

November 3

No seminar: Museum Retreat

November 10

Dr. Elizabeth Miller
School of Biological Sciences, University of Oklahoma
Title: TBD

November 17

Dr. Garrett Hopper
School of Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University
Title: TBD

November 24

No seminar: Thanksgiving Break 

December 1

Luca Micheli | Spenser Babb-Biernacki
LSU Museum of Natrual Science
Titles: Phylogeography of the Royal Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronatus) in the Brazilian Amazon basin | Travelogue – Mexico

December 9

No seminar

December 15

No seminar – Concentrated studying begins

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