LSU Physics Professor Launches New AI Space Start-up

August 16, 2022

Atlantis Industries aims to accelerate off-world technology breakthroughs

BATON ROUGE – The space between Earth and the moon is estimated to offer a $10 trillion industry opportunity. LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy Assistant Professor Jeffery Chancellor has launched a new start-up company, Atlantis Industries, to join the 21st century space race. Chancellor is a scientist and expert consultant on radiation effects for manned spaceflight and the aerospace industry. Prior to coming to LSU, he briefed NASA astronaut crews on radiation health risks associated with their missions as a senior research engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. At LSU, he and his team of students are advancing space radiation detection and protection for human space travel and space vehicle hardware systems. They have developed three new technologies at LSU that will now be available for commercial and governmental use through Atlantis Industries. 

“At Atlantis Industries, we aim to accelerate off-world technology breakthroughs that drive the cislunar and space economy.”

Jeffery Chancellor, LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy assistant professor and Atlantis Industries founder

The company leverages artificial intelligence, or AI, and machine learning in its signature solution, PHALANX AI, which helps design, build and deliver safe satellites and space infrastructure. PHALANX AI performs submicron-scale radiation particle modeling and analysis to inform and validate optimal protection schemes for using state-of-the art microelectronics and electrical, electronic and electro-mechanical components in space. 

REFORGE is a model-driven high energy radiation test support to validate advanced material shielding to mitigate radiation hazards on sensitive electronics, components or humans in space. 

TIGER EYE is a small, lightweight, low power radiation sensor developed and tested at LSU. The radiation device is scheduled to be part of an upcoming lunar mission to collect new information about radiation on the moon.

With support from the LSU Office of Innovation & Ecosystem Development and the Louisiana Small Business Development Center, or LSBDC, at LSU, Atlantis Industries recently won a federal $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research Phase II award from Space Command, which will grow the company from two to seven people. 

“The LSBDC at LSU works with technology companies across the state, supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs such as Dr. Chancellor. We provide the business acumen, strategy and the essential tools to help start-up companies with innovative technology, like Atlantis Industries, succeed and become industry changers,” said Adam McCloskey, director of the LSBDC at LSU.