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Our Mission & About LDI


Through a balanced emphasis on research and learning programs, innovative leadership development practices will be created, applied, evaluated and disseminated. Our focus is 
on developing leaders who inspire excellence and create sustainable performance in all types of organizations and communities.

Our Vision 

  • Be a national leader in student leadership education and development.
  • Be nationally and internationally recognized for exemplary leadership development 
    research to advance the theory and practice of leadership development. 

The LDI Difference

We connect the leadership expertise to the leadership practitioners in every field.  LDI is a Board of Regents approved institute within the College of Human Sciences & Education, the academic hub of leadership development and education for Louisiana State University, the flagship institution in the state of Louisiana.

By partnering with our college academic units and departments who are staffed with experts in leadership, education, and evaluation, LDI is uniquely positioned to provide sustainable solutions backed by cutting-edge, evidence-based best practices to apply in the real world. Our partners come from diverse backgrounds and LDI assembles the expertise to create and provide programs that address the multi-faceted problems organizations are facing in the workforce today.  


An image showing the sources of leadership expertise we draw on to serve our clients

Our Leadership Model - The image above is a flowchart that depicts the many ways the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education develops leaders, from every field or sector, and at any point in their career or life journey. On the left, we list our key constituent groups including students, educators, researchers, community, nonprofits, business and industry, healthcare, government, military and defense, first responders, and agriculture. In the center circle is "Leadership Development Expertise." Arrayed around the center, pointing inward, are our college units possessing the expertise that the Leadership Development Institute can draw upon to serve our clients, including the Higher Education Administration Program, the Office of Educational Research, the Educational Leadership Program, the Social Research & Evaluation Center, the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development, and the Leadership Development Institute itself. On the right, an arrow points out toward our outcomes: Student Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Mid-Level Leaders, and Senior Leaders. We serve these levels of leaders through a collective leadership development expertise. The image ends with the phrase "Engaging & Developing Louisiana's Leaders." As the flagship university for our state, we are passionate about serving our citizens and helping solve complex issues for our industiries and organizations.

Meet Our Experts and Collaborators: 

We employ a holistic educational method which allows our students to develop their leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and sense of social responsibility.  Our programs are designed to develop the leadership, planning, analytical, and problem  management capabilities that today’s globalized organizations need to be successful. Visit the website.

Our program helps prepare educators to become more effective leaders and administrators, building learning communities that are welcoming for children and teachers alike. Visit the website.

Our program prepares scholar-practitioners for leadership in colleges and universities. Through theory and practice, the program helps students understand the diverse nature of higher education institutions and their participants. Graduates develop individualized styles of leadership that encompass educational excellence and contextualized practices. Visit the website.

The LSU Social Research & Evaluation Center fosters healthy social systems by designing, implementing, and evaluating community and social initiatives. SREC generates knowledge through research on social, economic, and behavioral health. We provide professional services to partners through collaborative initiatives, grant development,and evaluation. Visit the website.

We provide high quality research on key education issues facing the state and nation. OER improves quality of life for Louisianans by providing policymakers and leaders with research that informs decision making and leads to ever more effective educational policies and practices. 


Cultivate talent with customized leadership development.

Your leadership journey begins today.