Petey Sanchez

Residence Coordinator

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I had a mentor who really supported me during my undergraduate time. This person pushed me harder than anyone ever has, and showed me what a Housing professional looked like. She was supportive and really made the biggest impact on me, and is the reason I am working in housing today.


A role model is someone who was there at the right time, right place, but a hero is someone who was there at the wrong time, wrong place, but was the right person. -Petey

A word I cannot get out of my head


Something I learned from living on campus

That you have friends who make the biggest impact, just down the hall.

Advice for first-year students

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is scary, but ultimately you will be fine. Every first-year student is almost always in the same exact boat, and making friends is scary, but so worth it.


M.S.Ed, University of Dayton
BA, Wright State University

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130 Pentagon Activity Center