Eslam Abuhmad

Residence Coordinator

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I am a first-generation college student and decided to become an RA right when I started my college career. I love hosting programs, helping residents when in need, and being a resource all over campus. I lived in Syria for five years, ages 12-17, with my grandma. During my time there, I did not attend any school. When coming back to the U.S., I knew I wanted to work with education of some sort!


I learned to always walk in a group of people and never alone. This way the group can always protect one another. I gave this advice to my residents all through my RA years. At first, they always thought I was crazy, but then realized that was good advice. -Eslam

Little did you know

I am fluent in Arabic and English. Growing up I was always shy when others asked me to say something in Arabic, but now I am so proud to know the language. It's the third hardest language in the world!

The best spot on campus

I really enjoy walking the lakes with my dog. I have a lab mix, and she is always full of love and energy! Long walks around this beautiful campus are relaxing  - especially when there is a gorgeous sunset.

Advice I don't leave home without

The best advice I would give to students is to get involved and try many different things to see what you enjoy the most. When in college your interests might change from when you were in high school. Don’t be afraid to get out there and be involved!


MEd, Ohio University
BA, Old Dominion University

Contact Eslam 
1065C Bayou Hall