Christopher Wheeless

Residence Coordinator

christopher wheeless

College can be a labyrinth of opportunities, challenges, and pitfalls. I am uniquely positioned to assist students by removing boundaries and providing them with a stable sounding board for their growing voices. Respectively, I learn how to support the next generation of students from their feedback. This revolving door of self-improvement feeds a transformational experience that keeps me returning each year with excitement and drive!


Community will always find a way to develop, and we can do a lot in terms of setting up healthy foundations for it, but it is always a reflection of the student's desires. So, we must be nimble and shift our community management style to allow a new ecosystem of students each year to ensure they thrive! -Christopher

Little did you know

I have been teaching and studying swordsmanship for a little over a decade now, and it is one of those hobbies that constantly inspires the bright-eyed child in me.

One thing first-year students should know

Focus on finding out what makes you feel happy, comfortable, and empowered. The rest of life and all its success will come as you dig deep into these.

My Favorites

The Way of Kings- Brandon Sanderson
The Belgariad and Malloreon series- David & Leigh Eddings
The Last Herald Series- Mercedes Lackey


MA, University of South Dakota
BA, Arkansas State University

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107 Broussard Hall