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Scholarships & Graduate Assistantships


Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and academic achievement. The School of Social Work awards scholarships ranging from approximately $500-$2,400. Each scholarship has set criteria and applicants should only apply for the scholarships for which one qualifies. The Blackbaud Award System is open from October 1st and closes April 1st each year. Scholarships will be selected after the close of the application deadline. These scholarships are awarded in the fall semester for campus students enrolled in 9 hours in the fall semester. Online students are not eligible. Students may apply for Social Work graduate and undergraduate scholarships as well as college level scholarships with the College of Human Sciences & Education.

  • Marwood Ahrens Scholarship in substance abuse
  • Paul Arst, Jr. Scholarship
  • Paul Phelps Memorial Scholarship
  • Betty J. Stewart Memorial Scholarship
  • Nancy Dicharry Memorial Award
  • Carl Maddox Scholarship                                                                    
  • Metropolitan Lions Club Scholarship (for a student from Southern University)
  • Jimmy Lea Moles Scholarship
  • Baton Rouge Board of Realtors Scholarship
  • Medical Social Work Scholarship
  • Alice A. and Milton E. Schmidt Scholarship
  • School of Social Work Faculty Honor Fellowship
  • Social Work Entering Class of 1951
  • Kyra L. Jones Memorial Fellowship
  • Gloria Pichon Clayton/Texas Tiger Tournament Endowed Scholarship
  • Phyllis LeFeaux & Drayton Vincent Scholarship in Mental Health
  • James Midgely Leadership Award
  • Adrian Aycock Memorial Scholarship
  • Pennington Child & Adolescent Mental Health Award
  • LGPS Training Award Endowment
  • Christine Moore Memorial Fellowship
  • Charlotte Kamiya Memorial Scholarship
  • Dean Emeritus Brij Mohan Award

Students may apply for graduate and undergraduate scholarships with the College of Human Sciences & Education.

Graduate School Tuition Awards

The graduate school dean may award up to 200 tuition exemptions to graduate students from underrepresented groups. This award is only for campus students. The tuition awards provide for an exemption from either or both the resident and nonresident fee. Recipients are responsible for paying university-required fees. Preference will be given to demographically underrepresented groups. Students must be regularly admitted to a graduate program at LSU and be nominated by their departments.

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