Field Glossary

Advanced Standing - Students who have an undergraduate degree in social work and are entering the Specialized year as their BSW courses are transferred in for Generalist courses

Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) - Provides all information on state licensure and regulation

BSW Student - Refers to a student enrolled in the undergraduate social work program

Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) - Accrediting body for all schools of social work

Faculty Liaison - Refers to instructor of record for the field courses

Field Education Coordinator (FEC) - Field Office staff who work directly with students to secure field placements

Field Internship Supervisor - Credentialed Supervisor who is on site with the student and responsible for completing all documentation for the School and providing tasks and supervision to the student. MSW program requires a supervisor with an MSW plus two years' experience and BSW program requires a supervisor with a BSW plus two years' experience. If a social worker is not available at the agency, a credentialed mental health professional with comparable degree can supervise in combination with off-site social work supervision.

Generalist student - Refers to student enrolled in the first 30 hours of the MSW program and focuses on the basic requirements established by CSWE

LABSWE – Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners - Regulatory authority over social work practice in Louisiana to safeguard the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of this state against unauthorized, unqualified and improper practice of social work.

LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker - An MSW with a minimum of two years of post MSW experience who has met certifications requirements and passed ASWB exam

LMSW – Licensed Master Social Worker  - Refers to individual with an MSW from an accredited School of Social Work who has passed ASWB exam

Moodle - Learning platform where all field trainings are housed and emails are sent from

MSW Advisor - Faculty member or Student Services staff who provides updates on your program of study

NASW - National Association of Social Work, a professional social work organization

RSW - Registered Social Worker - Refers to a person who has a Bachelor of Social Work degree who is registered with the state board of social work examiners

Social Work Supervision (Off site supervisor) - Refers to additional supervision provided to the student to ensure social work content when not available on site at the agency

Specialized Student - Students who are in the second year of the program or the advanced year coursework of the MSW program and have completed 30 hours

Task Supervisor - Refers to a person in the agency  that the Field Internship Supervisor enlists to help or work with the student in the agency setting

Tevera - Electronic submission software used for all field documents