Racheal Hebert, LCSW, Expands Reach of Nonprofit Organization, STAR, Across Louisiana



I am collaborative. Racheal Hebert, CEO and president of STARBaton Rouge, La -- Racheal Hebert, LCSW, comes from Houma, Louisiana. She received her undergraduate degree at LSU in Women’s & Gender Studies and sociology in 2007. Herbert received her Master’s in Social Work from LSU in 2013. She is now the president and CEO of the nonprofit organization, STAR or Sexual Trauma Awareness & Response.

My LSU Experience

Hebert says that her time at LSU has prepared her to thrive in the larger Baton Rouge community. She earned a promotion to the position of President and CEO of STAR.

“The knowledge and skills I learned as a graduate student prepared me to take initiative and engage in innovative strategies to improve my community, specifically by expanding and growing sexual assault services for individuals and families throughout Louisiana. My passion for social justice led me to the field of social work, and my degree from LSU allows me to collaborate with organizations and individuals that are committed to building a better world,” said Hebert.

She describes her biggest impact in her career as raising awareness of the prevalence of sexual trauma in the Baton Rouge community and implementing programming targeted at the intervention and prevention of sexual violence. Hebert has worked as a sexual assault advocate for the past 10 years, serving as a nonprofit CEO for the past 6 years.


“Through my experiences serving individuals and families, and collaborating with partner organizations and institutions, I have learned the value of listening to, advocating for and uplifting the voices of those who have experienced sexual violence,” said Hebert.

The Impact of LSU Faculty

Out of the many incredible faculty members in the school of social work, the one that stood out to Hebert was Dr. Catherine Lemieux. Dr. Lemieux guided her throughout her years as an MSW student and writing her thesis. Dr. Lemieux mentored Hebert through research, writing, data collection, and analysis, which are all critical tools for a social worker. After graduation, Dr. Lemieux served as her LCSW supervisor. The two meet weekly to discuss challenges as a social worker and nonprofit director. Dr. Lemieux gave her constant feedback and guidance during those crucial early stages of Hebert’s professional development.

“Dr. Lemieux is an invaluable mentor to me, and I appreciate all of her time and investment in my growth,” said Hebert.

An Ideal Career

Hebert says she has always been an ambitious and driven individual. While in school for her Master’s, she started working full time at the Baton Rouge Rape Crisis Center, which later became STAR, as the volunteer coordinator. As a graduate student, she was not sure what direction her career would take. She was interested in addressing public health problems. But after graduation, she was promoted to the CEO of STAR.

This was an organization where she had the opportunity to build it from the ground up. STAR transitioned into a nonprofit in 2012 and began with two staff members. Now, STAR has 32 staff members and has locations in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans.

“My career grew into something I never would have imagined as a student,” said Hebert.

Hebert’s future goals are to continue building on the success of STAR. She sees the organization moving into state and national spotlight for their development for the past six years.

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