Providing Risk of The Environment’s Changing Climate Threats for Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums

The PROTECCT-GLAM project is a three-year research project conducted by Dr. Edward Benoit, III, Associate Director, School of Information Studies, Louisiana State University, Dr. Jill Trepanier, Associate Professor, Department of Geography & Anthropology, Louisiana State University, and Dr. Jennifer Vanos, Associate Professor, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University. This applied research project was awarded $473,243 from the National Leadership Grants for Libraries under Program Goal 4 and Objective 4.1. The research will develop a national categorical climate change risk assessment scale for galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs) through a geographic information system (GIS) analysis of existing climate change threats and models. The project will also develop a prioritized research agenda to address the associated challenges through hosting a working institute of academic faculty, doctoral students, and GLAM practitioners. 

Occurring over three years, the project will incorporate two main phases with three years of graduate student support. The research will address the following questions: What are the climate change-related risks most likely to provide threats to GLAMs? How can climate change risk for GLAMs be understood as a categorical scale when combining those threats most likely to need significant consideration? What are the GLAM-specific climate change challenges? How can a collaborative research agenda best address these challenges with input from practitioners and academics?

Benoit, Edward, III, Jill Trepanier, and Jennifer Vanos. “PROTECCT-GLAM: Risk of The Environment’s Changing Climate Threats for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums.” Institute of Museum and Library Services, 2022. $458,963. Funded.