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October 2022

New Faculty Resources

Scholarship First Agenda

October 27, 2022 - A message from Provost Haggerty

Dear Colleagues,

I write to you today to announce that the academic enterprise at LSU will begin using a zero-based budget model beginning in FY 2024. 

Historically, LSU has used an incremental budget model which uses the current year’s budget as a base with minor adjustments made each year. An incremental budget, while relatively easy to build, is usually not strategic. The zero-based budgeting (ZBB) technique requires justifications for all expenses, starting from zero. The goal of this budgetary model is to allocate resources in an efficient manner in order to support LSU’s strategic plan and the Scholarship First agenda. 

I plan to address many of the important needs at LSU with this model, including: faculty raises, graduate student stipends and health benefits, student success, research support and more.

You can find more information, including an implementation timeline, here. As always, I welcome your questions and feedback, which can be sent to provost@lsu.edu.


Roy Haggerty

Executive Vice President & Provost

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Faculty Engagement, Development & Resources

Call for Nominations - 2023 University Faculty Awards

Call for Nominations University Faculty Awards

The Call for Nominations - 2023 University Faculty Awards is currently open. Faculty members are nominated by their peers and respective administrators for their discovery, teaching, engagement and creativity. For more information on how to apply, visit the University Faculty Awards page. 




Elements, LSU's New Faculty Reporting System, Trainings Available

In-person and virtual trainings are being offered to transition faculty to LSU's new faculty information system, Elements. Faculty will need to be acquainted with Elements prior to January 2023. Click here to register to attend one of the training courses available in November.

LSU's Colloquium Keynote Speaker José Bowen

José Bowen

In January, LSU will welcome José Bowen as our 2023 Colloquium keynote speaker. In anticipation of his keynote presentation, the Learning & Teaching Collaborative will host a book study to explore and discuss his most recent book Teaching Change: How to Develop Independent Thinkers Using Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection. Teaching Change examines the new 3R’s of teaching and how it can better prepare graduates for the future. To learn more about José Bowen’s visit to LSU and to join the book study, click here.  

New LSU Online Workshop: Preparing Students for the World of Work: Integrating Career Skills into Your Courses

Our changing workforce and world requires an intentional and deliberate focus on skill development along with the knowledge gained in the courses. Research shows that hiring managers struggle to find employees with in-demand skills, and only a third of post-secondary students in the U.S. believe they will graduate with the competencies needed for career success. Offered by the LSU Online Design & Development team, this workshop discusses how integrating career skills into courses helps students identify, practice and communicate their skills to employers. For more information and to register for the workshop on Nov. 18 from 1-2 p.m. via Zoom, please visit the LSU Training & Event Registration website.

Start Preparing Your Students for Finals

It's not too early for your students to start prepping for finals! The Center for Academic Success (CAS) offers free academic support services such as tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), and academic coaching. Encourage your students to use CAS services and attend our Finals Prep Workshop to help them succeed this semester!

LSU Discover Day 2023 Application Period is Now Open

Faculty are asked to start encouraging your undergraduate students to apply to present their research and creative works at the university’s annual student conference. 

New Faculty Quick-Starts

New faculty are invited to join Dr. Jenny Baumgartner as she leads discussion around faculty classroom engagement and development. The quick-starts are formulated to be an interactive, faculty-driven conversation to build community and partnerships. Register for the last quick-start of the semester on November 9.

Institutional Updates

LSU Welcomes Todd Manuel, Vice President of Civil Rights & Title IX and Jan Barker Alexander, Executive Associate Vice President, Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Todd Manuel

LSU welcomed Todd Manuel as the vice president of Civil Rights & Title IX in September. Manuel oversees LSU’s Title IX compliance programs and obligations. In addition, he provides leadership in the prevention of and response to all matters of discrimination on LSU campuses and oversees initiatives that ensure students from historically underrepresented populations matter and belong in the LSU community. Manuel is a seasoned executive and diversity thought leader with expertise in leveraging diversity, equity and inclusion as a business enabler at both an enterprise and industry-wide level. He received a Bachelor of Science in accounting from LSU in 1995, a Juris Doctor from the Southern University Law Center in 1998 and an executive certificate in diversity, equity & inclusion from Georgetown University in 2020. Read the full press release here. 

Jan Barker AlexanderJan Barker Alexander is LSU's executive associate vice president for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. Barker Alexander hails from a 27 year stint at Stanford University where she 'curated experiences for students that pushed them intellectually and created programs that serve as a national model for intellectual engagement, cultural awareness, leadership development, and social justice." She earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism from LSU and her master's in education from Southern University. 


Jackie Bach Named Vice Provost for Academic Programs & Support Services, Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Jacqueline BachIn 2021, Dr. Jacqueline Bach was appointed as interim vice provost for academic programs & support services. She has recently been named permanent vice provost and will continue to provide executive oversight and management for degree, certificate, and auxiliary academic programs and support services, working with deans, directors, and department chairs to ensure academic excellence and exceptional service at all levels of the university. Reporting units to the acting vice provost include the  Center for Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership, or CCELL; Communication Across the Curriculum, or CxC;  Academic Center for Student Athletes; Gordon Cain Center for STEM Literacy; LSU Discover; and Residential Colleges.

Robert Twilley Named Interim Vice President, Office of Research & Economic Development

Robert Twilley

Professor of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences Dr. Robert Twilley has served in several LSU administrative capacities including executive director of the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, associate vice chancellor of research and economic development and director of the Wetland Biogeochemistry Institute. Twilley founded the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio in 2009, which is now reorganized to expand interdisciplinary research as the Coastal Ecosystem Design Studio located on the Water Campus in Baton Rouge. He also served as vice president of research at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he founded the Center for Ecology and Environmental Technology and managed three state EPSCoR grants on coastal modeling. 

Theda Daniels-Race Named Provost's Fellow, Office of Academic Affairs

Theda Daniels-Race

Dr. Theda Daniels-Race has been named a provost's fellow in the Office of Academic Affairs and will utilize her leadership skills for special projects including the Open Educational Resources project, Integrative Learning Core and the Learning & Teaching Collaborative. Daniels-Race was formerly the director of the School of Collaborative Academic Programs and is the Michel B. Voorhies Distinguished Professor in the Division of Electrical & Computer Engineering. 




Institutional Policy Revisions

Several institution-wide policies have been revised after being reviewed by subject matter experts and stakeholders. These recently revised policies are related primarily to human resources matters and ensure alignment with current best practices and university policy. A summary of the revisions can be found here.

Managing Adult Health and Child Behavior Post-Pandemic Webinar Series

Behavioral Health Post-Pandemic - images of parents and children in distress

Join part two of the Behavioral Health Post-Pandemic webinar series. The series will take attendees through the health observations physicians and professional experts are seeing with adults and children post-pandemic. Topics will include: effects on pregnant women and postpartum mothers (part one), behavioral and development issues clinicians observe in pediatric patients (part two) and a general overview of mental and behavioral health moving forward. Click here to view the schedule of webinars and to register. 

Manship School of Mass Communication Dean Search Advisory Committee Announced

A search advisory committee has been established for the dean search available for the Manship School of Mass Communication. 

Faculty Search Committee Trainings

Any faculty who are serving on a search committee are required to attend a search committee training. Dates and times can be found here for November and December. 

Inform Future Plans for a New LSU Library & Learning Commons

The purpose of this survey is to assess the current LSU Library building to better understand your experiences, assess the importance and performance of different spaces, and investigate aspirations for the future of facilities at LSU. Your survey response will inform future plans for a new LSU Library & Learning Commons building. The closing date is Oct. 28.