Policy Revisions

Policy Type Policy Type Memo
PS 8 Disciplinary Procedures for Professional, "Other Academic" and Classified Employees Revisions to PS 8 update requirements for giving employees "notice" of termination and specifically provides for immediate termination or suspension for serious offenses, such as: assault, failure to report Title IX-related matters, theft, and fraud.
PS 20 Title, Position and Salary Control for Professional and Administrative Personnel The revisions to PS 20 provide for consideration of salary increases outside of the merit raise process. The policy also provides for compensation for individuals assigned temporary duties and interim/ acting assignments.
PS 25 Nepotism The revisions to PS 25 update terminology and ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics.
PS 28 Performance Evaluation of Administrative, Professional and Other Academic Staff The revisions to PS 35 align the policy with current practice, which includes a planning session, a mid­year evaluation, and an annual evaluation for each professional employee on a fiscal-year basis.
PS 39 Performance Evaluations (Classified) The revisions to PS 39 align LSU's policy with recent updates made to Civil Service Rules. The revisions outline requirements for a planning session, second-level evaluating supervisor involvement, and an updated rating system. The mechanism to appeal evaluation ratings is also indicated.
PS 59 Employee Assistance Program The revisions to PS 39 are relatively minimal and provide greater procedural clarity. Eliminated from the document is a listing of contact information for several specific community resources; this information (e.g., phone numbers) changes over time, and HRM maintains up-to-date contact information available upon request.
PS 61 Overtime Policy The revisions to PS 61 give greater clarification about what constitutes overtime work and precisely define a standard work week. The revisions also add special designation, per specific provisions in the Fair Labor Standards Act, for LSU Police Department officers to gain overtime compensation.
PS 79 Flexible Work Hours and Staffing Revisions to PS 79 detail that official business hours are to be between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Per policy, department heads may authorize variations in order to provide necessary services. The revisions by HRM are relatively minimal and ensure compliance with State Civil Service regulations.
PS 80 Grievance Procedures for Professional, Other Academic, and Classified Employees Regarding revisions to PS 80: the overall spirit and the general process outlined in the policy has not changed. The most substantive revisions are those that incorporate the Office of Inclusion, Civil Rights & Title IX into relevant procedures.
PM 20 Leave Policies for Academic and Unclassified Employees and Classified Personnel Revisions to PM 20 were made as a result of mandated State law. Substantive updates pertain to the now-allowable use of sick leave and FMLA-related (Family Medical Leave Act) leave to care for immediate family members.
PM 3 Additional Compensation Limitations and Limits; Faculty and Fulltime, Non-Classified Employees

Revisions to PM 3 detail that 30 percent (of base salary) cap on additional compensation would not apply in such a way that includes summer salary compensation for those employees who are on non-12-month appointments. The effect will be that faculty on nine-month contracts who also earn summer salary for additional duties will not be required to factor in that summer compensation (outside of the nine-month contract) to the 30-percent cap calculation. 


In addition to the change mentioned above, further clarification has been added to the policy, including the following items identified in a recommendation from the Office of Internal Audit:

  • Department head approval is required (as opposed to vice-chancellor level approval) for additional compensation.
  • Leave must be taken if additional compensation duties are performed during normal works hours in such a way that take the employee away from regular job duties. This applies to employees who work standard weekly hours; it does not apply to faculty who typically work non-standard business hours.
  • PM 3 not only applies to compensation termed II supplemental compensation" but to all forms of additional compensation
  • Further clarity regarding how this policy addresses II administrative allowance" forms of pay, particularly for those faculty members who assume administrative roles.