Sweet 16: LSU Geneticist’s Research Claims Another Magazine Cover Spot

June 14, 2023

Mark Patzer portrait

Mark Batzer

The lab run by a top LSU geneticist, which conducts research on the fluidity of species and the spread of genetic elements, has garnered attention from top research journals over the years, including 16 cover stories since 2002. 

The Batzer Laboratory of Comparative Genomics' principal investigator is Mark Batzer, LSU Boyd Professor and the Dr. Mary Lou Applewhite Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences. New research presented by Batzer and his team reveals surprising genetic diversity as well as commonality among six very different-looking species of African baboons. 

His team's paper titled “Genome-wide Coancestry Reveals Details of Ancient and Recent Male-driven Reticulation in Baboons” is featured on the cover of the journal Science's June issue. 

Collage of 16 research magazine covers featuring Batzer Lab work

“Everybody believes their genome is perfectly stable, and that’s exactly wrong,” Batzer said. “Well over half of the genome is fluid in nature and moves around in and between individuals, and between generations and populations."

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