Meet the 2023 Tiger Twelve and Learn How LSU Helped Them Succeed

April 28, 2023

Each spring, LSU recognizes 12 outstanding seniors as the Tiger Twelve. These individuals, in keeping with the university's Commitment to Community, contribute positively to the life of the campus, surrounding community, and society and demonstrate commitment to intellectual achievements, inclusive excellence, leadership on campus, and service.

We asked these impressive students how LSU has helped them succeed.

Joshua Crawford

Joshua Crawford“LSU has provided me with a plethora of knowledge and opportunities to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.

“My professors, work supervisors, colleagues, and LSU's support staff have encouraged me to strive for success, participate in meaningful conversations, and create designs that have a real-world impact.

Future Plans: I will be moving to Aspen, Colorado in August to work as a designer for Design Workshop, an international landscape architecture, urban design, and planning company. After gaining several years of experience, I plan on attending graduate school for urban planning and design to broaden my knowledge and scope as a designer with the possibility of returning to academia to teach.”

Tiffany Phuong Dang

Tiffany Phuong DangLSU has provided me the countless resources, mentors, and support that I needed to succeed in school, and that has undoubtedly shaped my journey both as an academic and as an agent of change in my community.

Future Plans: I am ecstatic to announce that I will be pursuing a dual MD/MPH at LSUHSC New Orleans post-graduation.

Harper Frederick Thompson Doerr

Harper Frederick Thompson Doerr“During my time at LSU, I have had the pleasure of having an array of different experiences, many of which I would not have been able to have at another university. 

“I  have been able to serve in leadership roles, create philanthropic events on campus, and pursue my academics while still finding the time to work outside of school.

Future Plans: “Following my graduation, I plan to apply to law school and begin in the Fall of 2024. Before law school, I plan to either work or travel.

Avery Claire Hebert

Avery Claire Hebert“Being an active student at LSU has allowed me to expand my capacity for academic excellence, professional growth, and leadership development to show the individuals of our community that leadership comes with hard work and a sense of humility. 

“Having a tailored college experience with a competitive, yet compassionate environment, empowered me to create moments that build exemplary character, lead by service, and strive to live a life of heroic virtue.

Future Plans: “After graduation, I plan to attend law school to become an agricultural attorney specializing in labor law. I aspire to one day open my own firm, establish a name for myself, continue to be an advocate for our farmers, ranchers, and their families, and build a lasting legacy.

Catherine Ladner

Catherine Ladner“LSU has provided me with support for both academic and personal growth: my professors have supported me to become an engineer and I've gotten to grow as a leader working at UREC.

“I'm grateful for the opportunities I've been given and I hope I've left LSU better than I found it.

Future Plans: “After graduation, I will be moving to San Antonio, Texas, to start a career as a Civil Engineer with Pape-Dawson Engineers. I plan to get my Professional Engineer license in the next five years, and eventually get a masters in Civil Engineering. I will, of course, still be rock climbing and volunteering as a judge and belayer for USA Climbing; and I plan to be helping out climbers at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

Andrew Larpenter

Andrew Larpenter“LSU has provided me access to endless opportunities, from the small college feel of the Honors College to the tools Campus Life provides that allowed me to start my own student organization dedicated to teaching hands-on skills in an accessible, open way.

“From the ability to participate and coordinate K-12 STEM outreach through the Society of Peer Mentors to the programs offered by the College of Engineering Diversity Initiatives Office that allowed me to engage with leaders of both local and international industries, LSU has been absolutely indispensable in helping this small-town kid reach and be enriched by the world around me.

Future Plans: “I will be starting a full-time position as a Machinery Engineer with ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I hope to spend my career accelerating the transition to sustainable energies and practices while pivoting the company away from fossil fuels and harnessing its vast wealth and engineering resources to shape the sustainable, clean, innovative engineering world of tomorrow in an equitable, thoughtful way.

Sara Martin

Sara Martin“LSU helped me to succeed by providing me with opportunities like on-campus jobs and the Honors college to explore all of my interests and help me decide what field I want to go into.

Future Plans: “I am attending the University of Connecticut to get my Master's in Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA).

Jackson Martingayle

Jackson Martingayle“The many academic and athletic opportunities available to me, combined with the support I had from my professors and coaches to take advantage of them, ensured that I had everything I needed to succeed if I put in the effort.

Future Plans: “I will be attending the University of Virginia School of Law beginning in the fall.

Zachary Andrew Mayfield

Zachary Andrew Mayfield“LSU has helped me succeed because since I stepped foot on this campus, I was given the opportunity to have impactful mentors, create my network, and have had academic experiences that prepare me for life after college.

Future Plans: “Upon graduation, I have accepted a job and will begin as a Loan Officer with First South Farm Credit in Zachary, Louisiana, where I will be supporting agriculture and rural communities through my role in agriculture finance.

Daniel Michael O'Leary

Daniel Michael O'Leary“LSU has challenged me academically, provided me with numerous leadership and service opportunities, pushed me to challenge the status quo, and taught me the importance of advocating for myself and others.

Future Plans: “Starting this summer, I will attend LSU New Orleans as a dual degree student in their MD/MPH program. As a future physician, I will strive to improve health equity issues in the greater New Orleans area and advocate for my patients every step of the way. LSU has given me the foundation to lead and impact Louisiana's future public health, and I am forever grateful to this university for that.

Aine O'Nuanain

Aine O'Nuanain“Through the abundant resources, diverse clubs, and nurturing environment offered by LSU, I have not only discovered a deep appreciation for the state but also a newfound trust in myself.

“The past four years have been nothing short of an incredible journey, for which I will forever be grateful.

Future Plans: “After graduation, I am excited to pursue a Master’s in Sustainable Development at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I am thankful to have received a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship to fund this venture.

Tammy San

Tammy San“Here at LSU, I've had the pleasure of learning and collaborating with the brightest and most passionate professors. My future is without limits because of the work ethic I've developed and my enthusiasm for learning ignited by my professors.

Future Plans: “After graduation, I plan on going to dental school. As an aspiring dentist, I strive to mitigate the inaccessibility to dental care by becoming an active member of both my community as well as the dental community.