The Union Theater

LSU Auxiliary Services Union Theater Office is responsible for the reservation of event spaces within the LSU Union Theater.  We are excited that you are considering the LSU Union Theater for your upcoming event, our goal is to make your event a success with the least amount of stress!

Please note the following:

  • We are currently accepting reservation requests for meetings or events through May 31, 2025.

Rent the Theater

The LSU Student Union Theater is a 1,200 seat proscenium arch theater complete with an orchestra pit. Seating is stadium style with no overhanging balcony, providing great sight lines and sound. It is equipped with the Meyers Constellation System, which provides acoustical enhancement for voice and music performances, delivering concert hall quality sound to you, wherever you may be seated.

Guest Relations & Services

Assistance for the Hearing Impaired

  • Hearing assistance devices: FM receivers with mini earphones can be checked out from the box office beginning one hour before performance.
  • Signing: Persons requiring signers must request this service by contacting the Theater Manager at 225-578-2715. Requests for signers at theatrical events require one-week notice prior to the event date so that the signer can obtain a copy of the printed script and prepare.

Assistance for People with Limited Mobility

  • Passenger elevators: The passenger elevators are located between the theater and the Student Union’s main lobby. They can be accessed from the sliding doors located at the end of the left ramp leading to the lower level of the Student Union. *Please note: if you hit the main sliding doors, you have gone too far.
  • Wheel chair accommodations: The Student Union Theater has six wheel chair spaces located along the back row of the orchestra seating area. Patrons requiring a wheelchair location may call the box office to request one of these spaces. They are also available for purchase online. Wheelchair spaces do not have a chair and require the guest to be seated in his/her own wheelchair. These spaces are allocated with one reserved seat next to it for a person escorting the guest in the wheelchair. Guests using wheelchairs may want to exit the theater at the end of the event by using the Tower Drive doors along the west side of the auditorium (directly across from the bridge lobby entrance) and down the ramp to the street. The other option is to exit the theater directly into the Student Union main lobby on the east side of the auditorium and taking either elevator to the ground floor.
  • Walkers: Guests using walkers should enter the Student Union Theater on the ground floor and use the elevator to access the auditorium. Please see below for information on the elevator. Guests using walkers should purchase regular seats in the orchestra seating area and have a house attendant store their walker against a wall near the closest theater exit. Depending on the location of the seat, guests using walkers may exit at the bridge lobby entrance to the elevators provided.
  • Exit ramp: The Student Union Theater has an exit ramp which is located through the doors located on the
    west side of the auditorium between the orchestra and mezzanine seating sections. These doors lead directly down a ramp to Tower Drive opposite the parking lot between Coates and Nicholson Hall.

Assistance for People with Limited Vision

  • Guide dogs: Patrons with guide dogs should contact the box office to reserve an aisle seat in the orchestra seating area, even if the event is listed as general admission.

  • How many seats do you have?
    We currently seat 1200
  • Do you have any areas of the theater that allow food/beverages/other events?
    Yes, the Theater Reception Room is located on the first floor next to our box offices!
  • What are the dimensions of the stage? 
    Proscenium height: 22ft,  Proscenium width: 44fty and stage depth: 43ft
  • Do you have a loading dock? 
    yes, it is for drop off only and will need to organized accordingly. please see our guidelines for more.
  • What is the size of the projector screen? 
  • Is Audio & Visual provided by theater? 
    Yes, see our pricing here
  • How do I reserve parking for my event?
    Please complete the Reserved Space Request Form with LSU Parking. You are also allowed to park anywhere on campus after 4:30 p.m.

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The Union Theater appreciates your patronage