Name Title Area of Interest Phone Email
Zhi-Yuan Chen Professor Host resistance, Host-fungus
interactions in soybean and maize

Lawrence Datnoff Professor & Head Administration 225-578-1464

Vinson Doyle Associate Professor Mycology, Systematics,
Population genetics,
and Phylogenomics

Madison Flasco Assistant Professor



André Bueno Gama Assistant Professor

Sugarcane Pathology, 
Pathogen Detection 
and Identification, 
Integrated Pest Management,
and Host Plant Resistance, Plant Disease Epidemiology 


Ely Oliveira-Garcia Assistant Professor Plant-pathogen interactions,
Fungal genetics,
Fungal effector biology,
and Disease management

Jong Hyun Ham Professor Phytobacteriology, and
Disease Control Genetics

Chien-Yu Huang Assistant Professor Plant Immunity 225-578-1370 

Felipe Dalla Lana Assistant Professor Plant Pathology and Rice Pathology 337-788-7531

Guy "Boyd" Padgett Professor Plant pathology,
Disease management in row crops,
Epidemiology, and
Integrated Pest Management

Gregg Pettis Adjunct Professor Phytobacteriology 225-578-2798

Imana Power Assistant Professor Sweet potato pathology and
Disease Control

Paul "Trey" Price Associate Professor Agromic Crops 318-435-2157

Jonathan Richards Associate Professor Fungal biology, genomics, molecular plant-microbe interactions, genetics 225-578-4562

Raghuwinder (Raj) Singh Professor & Director, Plant Diagnostic Clinic Plant Health Diagnostics
(biotic and abiotic stresses),
Pathogen Detection and Identification
(molecular and conventional)
Horticulture Pathology Extension
(fruit and nut, industrial hemp, ornamental,
vegetable, trees and turfgrass)
Integrated Pest and
Disease Management

Sara Thomas-Sharma Assistant Professor Field Crop Pathology 225-578-8537

Tristan Watson Assistant Professor Nematology 225-578-1387

Emeritus Faculty

Gerard T. Berggren, Professor Emeritus

Christopher A. Clark, Professor Emeritus

Kenneth E. Damann, Jr., Professor Emeritus

Gordan Holcomb, Professor Emeritus

Clayton A. Hollier, Professor Emeritus

Jeffrey Hoy, Professor Emeritus

Edward C. McGawley, Professor Emeritus

Charles Overstreet, Professor Emeritus

Rodrigo A. Valverde, Professor Emeritus

Research / Extension Associates, Post Docs and Researchers

Jonathan Amie, Research Associate (Thomas-Sharma Lab)

Inderjit Kaur Barphagha, Research Associate (Ham Lab)

Clayton Blake, Research Associate (Power Lab)

Casey Butler, Research Associate (Richards Lab)

Timothy Burks, Extension Associate. (Singh Lab)

Cian Bulter, Research Associate (Singh Lab)

Beatriz Carvalho, Post Doctoral Reseacher (Thomas-Sharma Lab)

Jose Cortes, Post Doctoral Researcher (Ham Lab)

Cathy DeRobertis, Research Associate (Power Lab)

Aaron DeVries, Post Doctoral Researcher (Doyle Lab)

Pedro Dos Santos, Post Doctoral Researcher (Doyle Lab)

Shankar Gaire, Post Doctoral Researcher (Richards Lab)

Joseille Rezende, Research Associate (Watson Lab)

Mary Beth Rollins, Research Associate (Gama Lab)

Elaisa Tubana, Research Associate (Doyle/Power Labs)


Robert M. Carver, Business Manager

Kimberly Rooney, Administrative Coordinator

Preston Thompson, Accounting Technician

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