LSU is test optional. You will indicate on the Common Application whether or not you would like your ACT or SAT scores included in your evaluation for admission and university-administered scholarships.

Applicants will have the choice to select if they wish to have their ACT or SAT scores considered when we review their application for admission and university-administered scholarships.

This policy aligns with our admissions philosophy of full-file comprehensive review. The best indication of student success on a collegiate level is their high school performance – the grades they earn and the rigor of their coursework. This has always been the most important part of the LSU application process, and this will not change, regardless of whether you choose to submit scores.
Most universities nationwide are now test optional, and this decision brings LSU in line with many of its peers.

LSU has implemented a full-file comprehensive review for the past few admissions cycles. This process, utilized by most of LSU’s peers nationally, considers many aspects of a student’s academic performance including high school grades, rigor of curriculum, grade trends, grades in courses related to major interest, a letter of recommendation, optional essay, activities & awards.

LSU considers numerous factors for each applicant. Removing testing means we are considering only one less factor for students who choose not to have this represented in their application. Our admissions committee is trained to understand the context of a high school curriculum and how a student’s performance in high school will predict their potential for success at LSU.

If you choose not to submit test scores, you will not be viewed negatively.

There is a question on the Common Application for you to select this option.

Historically, LSU’s average weighted GPA is 3.83, and the average test score is 27 (ACT) or 1240 (SAT). If a student’s super score falls at or above these averages, it is generally seen that their test score could benefit their application.

If a student’s GPA is at or above the LSU average, but test scores are not, it is recommended they apply test optional, waiving the test score requirement.

In any case, if a student feels their test score is representative of their performance or will be a benefit to their application, it is recommended they submit the score.

We will not consider these scores during the admissions nor scholarship review.

Scholarships will continue to be reviewed in a holistic way, similar to the admissions evaluation. If a student chooses not to submit a test score as a part of this process, their application will still be reviewed for university-administered scholarships. Generally, students who fall in the top half of LSU’s applicant pool have historically qualified for scholarships.  

Similar to admission, we consider a student’s curriculum rigor, grades, letter of recommendation, and class rank (if available). If test scores are selected to be included with the application, they will also be considered.

Students applying for the LSU Ogden Honors College who elect to be test optional will be considered for admission and scholarships, including Stamps.

TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) is a state scholarship program for Louisiana residents. It is administered by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA), a program of the Board of Regents, and is separate from LSU.

According to LOSFA, test scores are required to be reported to LOSFA for TOPS scholarship funding.

A student’s decision to be test optional at LSU does not remove their test scores from TOPS consideration, nor does it impact their ability to receive TOPS.

LSU will not require any matriculating student who did not take the SAT or ACT to take the test before enrolling. However, LSU will continue to analyze the correlation between standardized testing and academic success. Therefore, all entering students who have scores will be asked to submit them prior to enrolling at LSU for their first year. This will not impact your admission status.

LSU offers many options to submit scores. You may self-report in your admissions portal through the Self-Reported Academic Record or on your admissions application via the Common Application. You may also have them reported officially from the SAT or ACT testing agency. All self-reported scores are required to be verified before enrollment.

Yes, LSU does still require an English proficiency score. LSU is currently considering a Duolingo score as an option for students to submit.

For English placement, there are various ways to exempt English composition courses based upon incoming students’ ACT, SAT, CLEP, AP, or internal Directed-Self Placement scores as outlined in the Undergraduate Admissions section of the LSU General Catalog. Students who are test optional and come to LSU without any scores or prior credit from Dual Enrollment or other institutions are placed in English 1001 and will be required to take the Next Generation Writing Accuplacer diagnostic exam through the LSU Testing Center when instructed to determine if they can benefit from extra support.

For Math placement, students will be placed in the appropriate Math course based upon their ACT or SAT score. If a score is not available, students will take the ALEKS exam for appropriate course placement.