LSU’s work to leverage AI for precision medicine will allow us to devise new molecular-driven treatments for every patient.

Dr. John Stewart, surgical oncologist and director of the LSU Health New Orleans/LCMC Health Cancer Center, on LSU’s development of new technologies to fight health disparities and improve care for everyone in Louisiana

DeepDrug team

How LSU Researchers Built AI Technology to Discover an Effective Treatment for COVID-19 in Minutes


Recent Issues

We dig deep into the university’s history and ongoing LSU research to advance our state and national security. All LSU campuses work to support our military and veterans by educating expert leaders, healing wounds, providing pathways to new careers, securing our changing coastline—and more.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is transforming research in every discipline in Louisiana and around the world. Applications go far beyond facial recognition and self-driving cars. They range from personalized cancer care to more efficient city services, as well as smarter tools to prevent cyber-attacks, grow more food, and protect people and critical infrastructure from flooding—even to create art.

The health of our people, the integrity of our coast, and the security and prosperity of our most important industries all depend on research and the development of new talent and technologies. Here, we share stories illustrating LSU’s commitment to agriculture, biotechnology, coast, defense, and energy.

LSU innovation in biotechnology is helping to heal Louisiana. From our bodies to our environment and food, biotech research is about understanding living systems at their deepest and smallest levels and then translating that knowledge to engineer new results.

In this issue, we share stories on how LSU is helping communities prepare for storms and solve coastal and riverine challenges across Louisiana.

Stories on LSU Tigers of every stripe and the impacts they’re having in their communities and across Louisiana.

LSU works for Louisiana every day

Healthy Communities

Denise Mayon and children at the J.S. Aucoin Elementary School in Amelia, Louisiana, show off carrots they harvested in the school garden that LSU AgCenter extension agent Jessica Randazzo helped create.

Read about LSU’s Healthy Communities initiative
LSUS Human Performance Lab

The new LSUS Human Performance Lab can analyze a person from a physiological, biomechanical, and cognitive perspective.

Read about the LSUS Human Performance Lab
Andre Rovai

Andre Rovai is a research scientist in the LSU Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences. Photo courtesy of AP/Gerald Herbert.

Read more about how LSU works with NASA to foretell the fate of the world’s deltas
Paul South

LSU scientist Paul South with test plants in the field.

Read more about how LSU re-engineers photosynthesis to feed our future planet
LSU graduate students at the PERTT lab

The LSU Petroleum Engineering Research & Technology Transfer (PERTT) lab is an on-campus industrial-scale facility to simulate oil and gas drilling and production operations.

Read more about the LSU PERTT lab