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Undergraduate Thesis Option

GEOL 3909 provides opportunities for individual research experiences under the direction of faculty. The Department’s expectation is that the course provides meaningful research experiences that will enhance student learning and preparation for advanced training and not be limited to day-to-day laboratory tasks.  Course may be taken for 1-3 hours per semester, for a total of up to 9 hours. 

GEOL 3999 students further conduct individual research on problems in the geological sciences, including writing, public presentation and defense of a research thesis before a defense committee of three faculty members. GEOL 3999 is excellent preparation for advanced training in graduate school or for the geological workforce. A GPA of 3.0 is required for this course.

Three hours of GEOL 3909 and three hours of GEOL 3999 may be substituted for one 3-hr GEOL 4000-level elective course.


GEOL 3909


GEOL 3999


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