Accelerated Masters Program

The Accelerated MS program in the G&G department allows a student to receive a BS and an MS degree in five years. Students in the program work with a faculty advisor and tailor their undergraduate 4000-level elective credits to develop a foundation for their MS theses, complete GEOL3909 and 3999 to jumpstart their MS thesis work, and enroll in and complete 6 credit hours of graduate course work during their final two semesters of undergraduate coursework.

Admission Requirements

  1. To apply to the program, the overall GPA and G&G GPA must both be at least 3.5.
  2. The applicant must have completed 60 hours overall and must have completed or be enrolled in the following courses:
    Geol2061 (4 credits) Geol2081 (4 credits) Geol3032 (4 credits) Geol3041 (4 credits) Geol3071 (4 credits)

Application procedure

  1. Students should select a faculty advisor based on their area of interest.
  2. Students should submit the G&G Accelerated Master’s Program Application form, along with the required statement of purpose and a letter of recommendation from the selected advisor. The application deadlines for starting in the Fall and Spring semesters are April 15 and November 15, respectively. If these dates fall on a weekend, applications are due the PRECEDING FRIDAY.
  3. Student should submit the completed application to Heather Lee in E240 Howe Russell 
  4. Students will be notified of the decision on their application by the end of the semester in which the application was submitted.

Details and Suggested Time Line for the Accelerated MS Program (also see the time line chart)

  1. during semester 6
    a. BS student seeking admission to the Accelerated MS Program apply for admission to the Accelerated MS Program and select a graduate faculty member from the department who will act as the advisor for the MS thesis.
    b. A decision on the application will be made by the end of Semester 6.
  2. during Semester 7
    a. BS student formally apply to the G&G Graduate Program through the LSU Graduate School
    b. BS student take Geol3909 (Research for Undergraduates). This research is intended to build a foundation for future MS thesis research.
    c. BS student select three hours of graduate coursework from the 4000-level or 7000-level geol courses.  Complete the Department’s “Application for the Accelerated Master's Degree Program” that must be completed by undergraduates before taking any course for graduate credit, otherwise the course will not receive graduate credit.
  3. During Semester 8
    a. BS student take Geol3999 (Undergraduate thesis) as one of the technical electives for the bachelor's degree. This is to further build on the research experience.
    b. BS student select three hours of graduate coursework. Again the graduate school form must be completed to receive graduate credit for the course.
    c. It is expected that during Semester 8, the BS student will be admitted to the LSU Graduate School
    d. The MS student will complete the graduate program during Semesters 9 and 10; he/she will be required to take 9 hours of graduate courses and 3 hours of thesis credits  during each of these two semesters.

Suggested Accelerated MS Time Line Chart

  Semester 6 Summer Semester 7 Semester 8 Semester 9 Semester 10
Application/Admission landmark

Apply to Accel. MS program by April 15 for Fall admission and by Nov. 15 for Spring admission; you will be notified by end of semester.


Apply to the LSU Grad School.

Complete bachelors degree; admitted to G&G Accel MS program and to Graduate program for Semester 9.

Start as graduate student; write and defend thesis proposal.

Defend thesis and graduate with MS degree.

Advisor / Committee

Student selects an MS advisor.


MS Committee selected.


Current Undergrad Courses

Continue undergrad course work.


Continued undergrad course work

Continue undergrad course work, complete BS degree


Research courses (3909 and 3999 must support topic selected for 8000)

Recommended Geol3909 (3 hours)  

Geol3909 (3 hours)

Geol3999 (3 hours)

3 hours of Geol8000

3 hours of Geol8000

Graduate courses


3 hours course for graduate credit

3 hours course for graduate credit

9 hours of grad course credits

9 hours of grad course credits

Difference in Undergrad Course Credits



-3 -3    

Grad Course Credits







The undergrad program is up to Semester 8 (purple); grad program is during Semesters 9 and 10 (yellow).