Wave Motion (and Properties)

  • Tuning Forks
  • Air waves carry energy - blow out candle w/"Air Zooka"
  • Standing waves w/string vibrator and function generator
  • Longitudinal waves w/
    • [1] spring wave demo
    • [2] OHP rotating spring
    • [3] oscillating rods demo
  • Transverse Pulses and Waves: Pulse on a long spring
  • Transverse Pulses and Waves: Vertical Rods Wave Model
  • Doppler w/doppler rocket
  • Doppler w/nerf ball w/buzzer in it
  • Coupled Resonators: Coupled Tuning Forks


  • Pitch: Range of Hearing and vs. amplitude w/function generator and speaker


  • Sound in a vacuum w/bell in vacuum jar
  • Resonance and amplitude w/music box w/assorted amplifiers, drum head
  • Resonance Tube w/open speaker, vary length
  • Pitch w/"Boomwhackers"
  • Resonance in Plates, Bars, and Solids: Singing Rod