Arlo LandoltLandlot

Ball Family Professor Emeritus of Physics & Astronomy

Ph.D., 1962 - Indiana University

Louisiana State University
Department of Physics & Astronomy
259-A Nicholson Hall, Tower Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4001

Research Interests

Astronomy - Stellar Photometry

Our research effort has been concerned with the measurement of stellar brightness and colors, i.e., stellar photometry. Much of our time in the last thirty years has been spent in the improvement and definition of photometric standard stars. These standard stars are used as calibration yardsticks when studying celestial objects, or indeed any objects projected against the celestial sphere, whose characteristics are unknown. For the case of physical celestial objects, one eventually can relate brightness and color measures to a variety of physical characteristics. These quantities in turn help determine stellar distance, define a star's place in stellar evolution, etc. Research projects also are under way in the areas of star clusters, variable stars, novae, supernovae, and eclipsing binaries.


  • George van Biesbroeck Award, American Astronomical Society, 1995
  • University Award: LSU Distinguished Faculty Award, 1998

Current and Select Publications

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