Fall 2019 Graduates

December 20, 2019

On Friday, December 20, LSU Physics & Astronomy welcomed 3 new PhD, 2 MS and 3 BS graduates who received their diplomas at the Maddox Fieldhouse.

Ashley Hood, PhD (Advisor Jeffery Blackmon) 
Measurement of the 16 C + 12C and 16C + 13C Fusion Cross Sections with Implications for Astrophysics

Alison Dreyfuss, PhD (Advisor Kristina Launey)
Alpha Capture Reaction Rates for Nucleosynthesis within an ab initio Framework

Terra Hardwick, PhD (Advisor Gabriela Gonzalez)
High power and Optomechanics in Advanced LIGO

Daniel DiMarco, MS, Medical & Health Physics

Visualization and Quantitation of Radioiodine Distribution in Silver Zeolite Cartridges

Anthony Davila, MS, Medical & Health Physics

Evaluating Feline Release Criteria Following Iodine-131 Therapy For Hyperthyroidism

Zachary Patrick Bradshaw, BS

Benjamin Cassin, BS
Blaine Irle, BS


Hardwick and Giaime celebrate after graduationBlackmon and DiTusa post-graduationHood and Blackmon post-graduationDavila and Matthews post-graduation

DiMarco and Matthews post-graduationDavila, DiMarco, and Matthews post-graduation. Hardwick and Dreyfuss embrace post-graduationHardwick and Dreyfuss joking around post-graduation

Hardwick and Dreyfuss pose post-graduationMaster's and PhD students pose with professors post-graduationMaster's and PhD students pose post-graduationHood and Blackmon pose with diploma post-graduation

Hood, Hardwick, and Dreyfuss strike pose post-graduationPhD students pose with professors before graduationHood, Hardwick, and Dreyfuss embrace post-graduationDreyfuss and Launey share a laugh before graduation

Bachelor's students pose together before commencement

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