Summer 2017 Graduates

August 4, 2017
     On Friday, August 4, LSU Physics & Astronomy welcomed 4 new PhD, 3 MS and 4 BS graduates who conferred their degrees at the Marvavich Assembly Center. 
Seth Camp, PhD (advisor: Dr. Mette Gaarde)
"Resonant Interactions in Strong Field Laser Physics "
Enzhi Li, PhD (advisor: Dr. Juana Moreno)
"Numerical Study of the Periodic Anderson Model with Holstein Phonons for the Description of Cerium Volume Collapse" 
Conrad Moore, PhD (advisors: Dr. Mark Jarrell)
"Exact Numerical Study of Disordered Systems"
Gaomin Wang, PhD (advisor: Dr. Jiandi Zhang)
"The Role of Defects in the Metal- Nonmetal Transition in Metallic Oxide Films "

Zhichao Xue, PhD (advisor: Dr. Brad Schaefer)
"Ex-companions of Supernovae Progenitors "
Phillip Wall, MS (advisor: Dr. Jonas Fontenot)
"Database Plan Quality Impact on Knowledge-based Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning of Prostate Cancer"

Sergio Lopez Caceres, MS (advisor: Dr. Scott Marley)
"Development of a Low-Energy Electron Separator"

Elisha Siddiqui, MS (advisors: Dr. Hwang Lee and Dr. Jon Dowling)  Non-thesis MS degree

Tyler Louis Herrmann, BS; Amy E. LeBleu, BS; Brian David Razin, BS; Logan Thomas Woolsey, BS.