Spring 2017 Graduates

May 12, 2017
     On Friday, May 12, LSU Physics & Astronomy welcomed 4 new PhD, 1 MS and 10 BS graduates who conferred their degrees at the Marvavich Assembly Center and Maddox Fieldhouse. 
Kundan Kadam, PhD (advisor: Dr. Geoffrey Clayton )
"Numerical Simulations of Mass Transfer in Close and Contact Binaries using Bipolytropes"
Jiayum Pan, PhD (advisor: Dr. Rongying Jin)
"Single Crystal Growth and Physical Property Investigation of Ca-FeA5 Based Superconductors" 
Mohammad Saghayezhian, PhD (advisors: Dr. Ward Plummer and Dr. Jiandi Zhang )
"Manipulating Physical Properties of Complex Materials by Processing"
Marissa Walker, PhD (advisor: Dr. Gabriela González )
"The Effects of Instrumental Noise on Searches for Generic Transiet Gravitational Waves in Advanced LIGO"

Kyle Joerres, MS (advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Blackmon)
"Development of the Focal Plane Instrumentations of the Separator for Caprue Reactions (SECAR)"

Anthony Ramon Davila, BS; Daniel Joseph DiMarco, BS;   Brandon Michael Luckett, BS; William Craig Jones, BS; Sean Michael Laughlin, BS; Lucas Chad Lavoie, BS; Simon Gabriel Lorenzo, BS; Dylan Beckley Ottea, BS; Patrick Lee Quebedeaux, BS; Irene Vargas-Salazar, BS

2017 main commencement at Maravich Assembly Center