Fall 2016 Graduates

December 16, 2016

          On Friday, December 16, LSU Physics & Astronomy welcomed 4 new PhD, 2 MS and 3 BS graduates who conferred their degrees at the Maddox Fieldhouse.

Zhenyu Diao, PhD            

 "Thermoelectric Properties of Novel Layered Transition-Metal Compounds" (advisor: Rongying Jin) 

Yun Ding, PhD

"Data Driven Rational Drug Design" (advisor: Mark Jarrell)

Jianping Lai, PhD

"A Direct Study of 20Ne(alpha,p)23Na with the HELIcal Orbit Spectrometer (HELIOS)" (advisor: Catherine Deibel)

Robinjeet Singh, PhD

 "Quantum Radiation Pressure Noise: Exposing the Quantum Mechanics of Optomechanical Interactions" (advisor: Thomas Corbitt)

Erin Chambers, MS

Noah Anthony Davis, MS

Christopher William Greenley, MS

Emily Claire Kramer, BS

Brandon A. Sciortino, BS 

Robert Christian Young, BS