Physics & Astronomy Colloquium

Fall 2019

Note: All colloquia will be held on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in Rm. 119 Nicholson, unless otherwise indicated.

 Date Title of Talk  Speaker  Speaker's Institution Host
Sept. 5 Ion Accelerator-based research using the Louisiana Accelerator Center: a fantastic physics-based instrument Harry Whitlow University of Louisiana at Lafayette Scott Marley
Sept. 12 Probing interfaces in quantum materials where every atom counts Mohammad Saghayezhian LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy Ward Plummer
Sept. 19 Using Nonsignaling Nonlocal Resources for Quantum Random Number Generation and Assessing Multi-Party Quantum Nonlocality Peter Bierhorst University of New Orleans Omar Magaña-Loaiza
Sept. 26 Improving beta-decay studies for fundamental science and applications Nick Scielzo Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Scott Marley

Oct. 3 The "Standard" Model of Cosmology ... and Open Questions  Bharat Ratra Kansas State University

Gabriela Gonzalez

Jorge Pullin

Oct. 10 A matter of perspective: Exoplanet discoveries, studies and compilations Angelle Tanner Mississippi State University Department of Physics Tabetha Boyajian
Oct. 17 LSU Fall Break      
Oct. 24 Back to the Moon and on to Mars: Research Challenges in America’s space program Serena Auñón-Chancellor, M.D. NASA Wayne Newhauser
Oct. 31 Opportunities created by Spin-Orbit Interactions Gang Cao University of Colorado Boulder Ward Plummer
Nov. 7 The Highest Energy Phenomena on the Sun James Ryan University of New Hampshire Greg Guzik
Nov. 14 The Neutron Lifetime Fred Wietfeldt Tulane University Jeff Blackmon
Nov. 21 Spin Liquids: A Dive into Exotic Magnetic Matter Martin Mourigal Georgia Tech Weiwei Xie
Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Holiday      
Dec. 5 Exploring the Gap in the High-Energy Universe Carolyn Kierans Goddard Space Flight Center Michael Cherry