Yoshinori Kamo

Yoshinori Kamo

Department Chair & Professor of Sociology

114 Stubbs Hall

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(225) 578-5353

Humanities & Social Sciences



  • Work & Family
  • Social Inequality
  • Psychological Well-being


Current Research

This is my first job after I received my Ph.D. My family and I love Mardi Gras, crawfish, gumbo, and hot and humid weather. I am primarily a family sociologist. My research interests include the division of household labor, marital satisfaction, work and family relationships, parenting and issues on aging, among others. I am also interested in psychological well-being/life satisfaction, inequality by class, race/ethnicity, or gender, and sociology of sports. Originally from Japan, my work has involved comparative aspects of family/inequality issues in Japan, the United States, and other countries.

To assess the catastrophic damage Hurricane Katrina caused to our family, my colleagues and I completed a research project called "Aging Families in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina." With funding from the National Science Foundation, we studied elderly people who either evacuated from the New Orleans area or were affected by the hurricane while living in Baton Rouge. In addition to journal articles and books in English, I wrote a couple of books in Japanese (on Japanese society and on the American family). Some of my research articles have been published in Japan also. 

I have been enjoying teaching large sections of Introductory Sociology, and I even coauthored a textbook. Other than Intro, I teach core courses in graduate statistics (Intro and Regression), undergraduate statistics and undergraduate family. I served as Director of Graduate Studies from 2007-2016 and enjoyed dealing with graduate students. As Department Chair from 2016, I hope to enjoy the new position just as much.


PhD: University of Washington (1989)

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