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NEWS: Prestigious scholarship for 2018 graduate of the Secondary Education Program

Concentration in Secondary Education

Students wishing to teach Social Studies in middle or high school major in History with a concentration in Secondary Education. Students in this concentration meet the same requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences and General Education as other majors and take 120 hours for graduation. This program leads to certification in teaching Social Studies in grades 7-12, but it does not limit the graduate to that profession. It provides the same broad education to students majoring in History and other liberal arts majors.

What Students Say:

“Geaux Teach Social Studies is a great program to be in. I have learned more about how to be a teacher than I knew a year ago, and I’m looking forward to learning more!”

“This program gives me more than just assignments, I’m surrounded by educators and future educators who are all working together to make us all better teachers.”

“I get experience in the classroom, and it’s helping me work on my own personal time management skills.”

“Being able to teach in front of my classmates and field experience students helps me more than just reading educational theories, and I like getting feedback from Dr. Gutfreund because it helps me recognize how to be better at presenting lessons. This semester has been great, and I am looking forward to my last year.”

Eligibility and Admission

Upon reaching eligibility for a senior college (30 credit hours), students wishing to pursue this concentration need to achieve the following:

  • A GPA of 2.5, which is not only a requirement for admission but required for certification upon graduation.
  • An ACT score of 22 OR the passing of PRAXIS I, a standardized examination for all prospective teachers. Students normally take this examination in their second year and must have taken it to be admitted to 3000-level courses.
  • Declaring in the College of Arts and Sciences their major to be History with a concentration in Secondary Education.


To complete the program, students must:

  • Fulfill the requirements for the History major as specified in the catalog.
  • Take EDCI 2001 (Education, School, and Society) prior to entering the 3000-level courses. Students may take this course concurrently with the first semester 3000-level course but no later than that.
  • Fulfill the area requirements. Because this degree certifies students to teach Social Studies, not just History, candidates must take courses in three fields (Political Science, Geography, AND Economics). Candidates must take 9 hours in TWO of the fields and 3 hours in the third field.
  • Take three sequential pairs of courses which combine a three-credit-hour EDCI class with a one-credit-hour History class with field experiences in secondary schools.
  • In the last semester enroll for student teaching plus capstone seminars in History and EDCI.


Completion of degree requirements and passing of PRAXIS II, another standardized examination.

More Information

The Secondary Education program is part of the campus-wide Geaux Teach program at LSU. Click below for completion worksheets and other information.

Program Requirements

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