The NCSS Club (National Council for the Social Studies) is a registered student organization at LSU. The purpose of the group is to create a community among future secondary teachers of social studies, to introduce and explore teaching tools, techniques, and technology, to develop professional attitudes and skills, and to connect students to the professional education community through meetings, discussion, lectures, emails, and newsletters.

There are three meetings each semester, which are open to the public, but are required for members of the program in History with a Concentration in Secondary Education (GeauxTeach). Most of the speakers are GeauxTeach alumni who share a variety of teaching experiences, including (1) teaching in Africa; (2) teaching troubled students at alternative schools in New Orleans; and (3) alumni who have been named EBR Parish Teacher of the Year.

Each year LSU sends one or two representatives to the NCSS Annual Meeting, where they meet educators from around the country and hear panels from leaders in the field. Then they report what they learned at a spring meeting on campus.
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