Graduate Fields of Study

The Department of History offers graduate degrees in the following subject areas; click on individual faculty members’ names to learn more about their specializations and advising interests.


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Ancient World/Medieval and Early Modern Europe (to 1650)

Maribel Dietz (Medieval; Late Antiquity)

Sherri Johnson (Medieval)

Christine J. Kooi (Reformation; the Netherlands)




Asiya Alam (South Asia)

Margherita Zanasi (Modern China)


Victor L. Stater (Tudor-Stuart)

Meredith Veldman (Modern)

Latin America

Stephen Andes (Modern Mexico; Latin America)



Modern Europe (since 1500)

Susan Grunewald (Modern Europe, Russia)

Suzanne L. Marchand (Germany; Modern European Intellectual; 19th Century Europe)

Leslie Tuttle (Early Modern Europe; France)

Meredith Veldman (Modern Britain; Intellectual and Cultural)

The United States

Andrew Burstein (U.S. Revolutionary; early national period)

Zevi Gutfreund (Modern U.S.; Race; Education)

Nancy G. Isenberg (U.S. Revolutionary; early national; gender; women’s history)

Catherine Jacquet (Modern U.S.; Women and Gender)

Alecia Long (Louisiana; the South; post-1865 U.S.)

Michael Pasquier (American Religious History)

Kodi Roberts (African-American)

Aaron Sheehan-Dean (Civil War; 19th-century U.S.)

Charles J. Shindo (20th Century Cultural)