Careers and Internships for English Majors

Just as new technologies change from year to year, the skills learned from technical degrees are often outdated by the time students reach graduation. What employers seek, more and more, is not specialized knowledge that quickly vanishes but durable skills in reading, thinking, and communication.  

Whether you pursue teaching, writing, business, nonprofits, law, careers in government or non-governmental organizations, the English department offers training in how to read carefully, think analytically, and write clearly so that you will be ready for any job in this tough market.

For more information about what you can do with an English major visit "What can I do with this Major?".

ENGL 3930 gives English majors the opportunity to earn academic credit for an internship.  Internships allow students to become actively engaged in your career development by gaining valuable applied experience and making connections in a field you may be considering as a career. Click here  to access a current list of internships and other opportunities available to English majors, and click here for an outline of how ENGL 3930 works.

LSU Career Services assists students and alumni in choosing careers, obtaining career-related work experiences while in school, developing job search skills, and securing employment or admission to graduate or professional school. The team at Career Services offers one-on-one counseling/coaching appointments, as well as a variety of career events and interviewing opportunities. You can also find a wealth of resources and information on their website at Call for an appointment at 225-578-1548.