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HopKins Black Box 2021-22 Season

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Fall 2021

Monday-Sunday, August 23-29
Virtual asynchronousConceived and directed by Tracy Stephenson Shaffer

On August 1, 1981, MTV premiered on cable television and planted its flag in our imaginations. The station was revolutionary, playing music videos 24/7 and becoming the obsession of teens and young adults across the globe. On the 40th anniversary of MTV, we offer an intergenerational performance to celebrate and consider its impact.

*This show can be viewed through the year. If you missed it and would like to see it, contact the HBB manager, Dr. N. Eda Erçin at nercin1@lsu.edu .

The Heavy Weight: An Experiment in Letting Go
Friday-Sunday, September 24-26
Conceived and directed by Anna Campbell

The Heavy Weight is an interactive art installation aimed at helping individuals let go of their burdens without fear of judgement, shame, or embarrassment. We hope that through engaging with this work, we can all begin to move through life just a little bit lighter.

Tuesday, October 5
In-person (with an alternative digital version)
Written/directed/conceived/performed by
Guest Artist Jesús I. Valles

In (Un)Documents, award-winning actor, and poet Jesús I. Valles journeys across both sides of a river with two names, moving between languages to find their place as a child, a lover, a teacher, and a sibling in a nation that demands sacrifice at the altar of citizenship. In doing so, they create a new kind of documentation written with anger, fierce love, and the knowledge that what makes us human can never be captured on a government questionnaire.

ALICE: A Parable
Wednesday-Sunday, November 3-7
Adapted and directed by Olive & Pearl

Lewis Carroll---world renowned author, photographer, and dodgy “friend” to children--- appears on stage to narrate this new adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland based on the life and letter of Charles Dodgson. Follow us down the rabbit hole as we expose who this iconic figure in children’s literature is. Curiouser and curiouser...

FALL Performance Showcase
Tuesday, November 30

Spring 2022

Homo-Logous Liaisons
Friday-Sunday, January 28-30
Conceived/written/directed by Irina Kruchinina

Mikhail Bulgakov’s experiment of turning a dog into a person led him to observe that mere speaking does not make us humans; Homo-Logous Liaisons asks if anything about language can. Come to a Homo-Logous workshop performance in poetic science and build new connections between yourself and your native tongue.

Resilient Body: A Ritual to Unlearn Rape Culture
Wednesday-Sunday, March 9-13
Conceived and directed by Johanna Middleton
Devised by the Ensemble

Resilient Body is a participatory ritual performance created for LSU students by LSU students asking the question - how do we unlearn rape culture in our individual and collective student body? Through an intertextual playground of communal storytelling, movement, and games, we will envision a campus without sexual assault.

Plastigene and Other Stories of the Planet
In-person & Site-specific
Week of April 25 – May 1, times TBA
Conceived and directed by Serap Erincin

Plastigene and Other Stories of the Planet consists of installations that tell stories at the intersection of environmental concerns and social justice through a juxtaposition of artistic forms such as sculpture, poetry, and sound. The installations are choreographed into a constellation of stations, among them Plastigene, a giant whale bricolage of vinyl and collected objects.

Spring Performance Showcase
Tuesday, May 3