Robotics Engineering

The Robotics Engineering minor aims to provide a fundamental understanding of the field of robotics to undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers or graduate degrees in this field, or in acquiring a multidisciplinary education.

Program Requirements

To earn a Robotics Engineering minor, a student must complete 21 credit hours of course work with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the minor field and a grade “C” or better in each of the minor courses. These must include: MATH 2070 or MATH 2085 or MATH 2090; ME 2543 or IE 2060 or CSC 1253 or CSC 1350; ENGR 3100; three courses from the approved list of Core courses of which at least one must be outside of the student’s major academic unit; and one course from the approved list of Capstone courses. Of the 21 credit hours of work course, at most 15 can overlap with student’s major academic degree. Click here to view the minor flowchart.

Declaring the Minor

Before declaring the minor with the CoE Student Services, interested students must meet with the minor coordinator, Dr. Hunter GIlbert, to discuss a study plan. This is necessary because different majors have different paths for completing the minor.