The DOW Chemical Company 

A Sustaining Partner in the Chair's Circle

DOW has been one of the most valuable and long-term partners of the Mechanical Engineering Program and the MIE Department.

DOW investment includes offering and sponsoring one or two industry-relevant Capstone Design projects every year since 2011. Furthermore, DOW also contributes regularly to the ASME Student Chapter, the Formula SAE TigerRacing Student Club, the Bayou Bengals SAE Mini-Baja teams, and the MIE Departmental general fund, which supports student and faculty educational and research activities. DOW also contributes members to the ME Industrial Advisory Council and the ME Capstone Design Review Panel.

Partnership Evidence and Investments

DOW Chemical

DOW DOW Chemical Company Endowed Chair - Holder: Professor Michael M. Khonsari

DOW The DOW Chemical Company Excellence in Teaching Award:

2016-17 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Keith A. Gonthier
2015-16 DOW Award Recipient: Professor Tryfon T. Charalampopoulos
2014-15 DOW Award Recipient: Professor Tryfon T. Charalampopoulos
2013-14 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Michael J. Martin
2012-13 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Jack E. Helms
2011-12 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Ramachandra V. Devireddy
2010-11 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Keith A. Gonthier
2009-10 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Keith A. Gonthier
1999-00 DOW Award Recipient: Professor Tryfon T. Charalampopoulos
1995-96 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Sumanta Acharya
1994-95 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos
1991-92 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Warren N. Waggenspack
1987-88 DOW Award Recipient: Professor  Tryfon T. Charalampopoulos

DOW Capstone Design Project and Program continuous contributions and sponsorship since 2013:

2017-18 DOWProject/Team #34: "Prevention of crush injuries from motorized aerial lift equipment"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Brocato, Thomas (EE); Cardinal, James (EE); Colomb, Stephen Elliott (ME); DeGeneres, David Jackson (ME); Gioe, Jonathan Michael (ME); Leyton, Alejandro Rafael (ME); Roberts, Zachary (EEC); Rodriguez, Rodrigo J Jr (ME).

2016-17 DOWProject/Team #34: "Reliability and Productivity Improvements of Bolted Flange Joint Assembly Alternative Tightening Sequences"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Cole, Mason (ME); Johnson III, Walter (ME); Rozum, Patrick (ME); Shanks, Jonathan (ME); Veazey, Benjamin (ME).

2015-16 DOWProject/Team #34: "Portable Mobile Hoist"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Bacchus, Sasha Amelia (ME); Brady, Chris Quinnon (ME); Champagne, James Paul (ME); Faulkner, Samantha Danielle (ME); Menard, John Alexander (ME); Perkins, Andrew Timothy (ME); Texada, Parker Davis (ME).

2014-15 DOWProject/Team #20: "Analyzing and Improving the Mechanical Integrity of Carbon Steel Piping Systems"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Addison, William Walter II (ME); Giroir, Rachelle Gay (ME); Goldberg, Leslie Erin (ME); Murphy, Jake Alan (ME); Pantiushenko, Inna (ME); Zielewski, Kenneth Andrew (ME).

2014-15 DOWProject/Team #21: "Field Use Wood Density NDT Device"
DOW Mentor: Scott Reech
Students: Dobbs, Jared C (ME); Huskins, Payton (ECE); Johnston, Michael David (ME); Little, Jack Ransome III (ME); McCloskey, Michael J (ME); Thibodeaux, Austin James (ME).

2014-15 DOWProject/Team #22: "Automated Tank Cleaner"
DOW sponsored and enabled testing of the design with help from: Tyler Bargas; Joe Hanna; Dale Gravouilla
Students: Alsowayigh, Abdulaziz M (ME); Avera, William Justin (ME); Coe, Rayne (ECE); Dupree, Ronald (ECE); Kenney, Mark Beaulieu (ME); Kirkwood, Robert Karl (ME); Pittman, Morgan Elizabeth (ME); Sander, Phillip (ECE).

2013-14 DOWProject/Team #6: "Automation of NDE Equipment used to Detect Corrosion Under Insulation of Piping"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Brown, Christopher David (ME); Decoteau, Chase Christophe (ME); Michon, Shane Andrew (ME); Peters, Ryan Dean (ME).

2013-14 DOWProject/Team #7: "Compact Mobile Hoist"
DOW Mentor: Scott Reech
Students: Duvic, Frank Roger IV (ME); Gouner, Steven Michael (ME); Heltz, Nicklaus D (ME); Koederitz, William Thomas (ME); Lassus, Ryan Patrick (ME).