ECE Graduate Program

Graduate Program Announcements

Several ECE graduate student scholarships are available for the 2020/2021 academic year. Those interested should submit a completed 2020-2021 application form, and don't delay because the deadline is 18 October 2020.

Arriving graduate students should review material on the arriving student information page, including the mandatory orientation.

Graduate Program Description

The Division of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers programs of study leading to the MS and PhD degrees. Areas of study include Automatic Control (system identification, robust, adaptive, fault-tolerant , and networked feedback control); Communications and Signal Processing (digital, computer, and wireless communications, data compression, digital signal processing, and image processing); Computers (computer architectures, computer graphics, parallel and distributed computing, compilers, embedded systems, reconfigurable computing, computer vision, and fault tolerant computing); Electronics (electronic materials and devices, micro - and nano-technologies, nanophotonics, electro-optics and VLSI circuits/systems design); and Power (power electronics, harmonic analysis, electric machines, variable speed drive, power system stability and control, renewable energies, smart grid and energy conversion). An interdisciplinary concentration in Information Technology is also available.


Graduate Advisor:
Jin-Woo Choi

Assistant to the Graduate Advisor:
Stacey Vessel



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