Photo of Katherine Stamps Mitchell

Katherine Stamps Mitchell

Associate Professor of Professional Practice

Office: 1207 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 770-633-3627

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, Sociology and Demography, Pennsylvania State University, 2009
BA/MA, Sociology, University of Georgia, 2005

Brief Biography

Katherine Stamps Mitchell is a sociologist and demographer with a specialization in families and children. She is particularly interested in how family experiences over the life course affect well-being. Dr. Mitchell’s published research focuses on family instability, complex family structures, parental involvement, relationship quality within couples and between parents and children, educational attainment, and various measures of child and adolescent well-being. Her published research has been cited over 400 times. 

Dr. Mitchell, a Certified Family Life Educator, has shifted to online teaching, and she has recently completed specialized training in online delivery of higher education through continuing studies programs at Duke and Wisconsin. Her primary teaching interests are research methods, family dynamics, inequality and stratification, children’s well-being, the transition to adulthood, and professional ethics. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the Child & Family Studies program in the School of Social Work at LSU, Dr. Mitchell is currently working on two book manuscripts. She is a member of the National Council on Family Relations, the American Sociological Association, and the Population Association of America.

Selected Publications

Mitchell, Katherine Stamps. 2013. “Pathways of Children's Long-Term Living Arrangements: A Latent Class Analysis.” Social Science Research 42(5): 1284-1296. 

Shreffler, Karina M., Arthur L. Greil, Katherine Stamps Mitchell, and Julia McQuillan. 2015. Variation in Pregnancy Intendedness across U.S. Women's Pregnancies. Maternal and Child Health Journal 19(5): 932–938. 

Hernandez, Daphne C., Emily Pressler, Cassandra Dorius, and Katherine Stamps Mitchell. 2014. Does Family Instability Make Girls Fat? Gender Differences Between Instability and Weight. Journal of Marriage and Family 76(1): 175-190. 

Chaney, Cassandra, Katherine Stamps Mitchell, and Kathryn Barker. 2014. Does Engagement Matter? Relationship Quality and Marital Intentions among African American Cohabiting Couples. Marriage and Family Review 50(7), 561-576. 

King, Valarie, Katherine Stamps Mitchell, and Daniel Hawkins.  2010. Adolescents with Two Nonresident Parents: Living Arrangements, Parental Involvement, and Well-Being.”  Journal of Family Issues 31(1): 3-30. 

Mitchell, Katherine Stamps, Alan Booth, and Valarie King.  2009. “Adolescents with Nonresident Fathers: Are Daughters more Disadvantaged than Sons?”  Journal of Marriage and Family 71(3): 650-662. 

Stamps, Katherine and Stephanie A. Bohon.  2006. “Educational Attainment in New and Established Latino Metropolitan Destinations."  Social Science Quarterly 87(5): 1225-1240.


Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award

 LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award

NCFR Best Research Article on Men in Families by a New Professional Award