MS in Kinesiology 

Behavioral, Psychological, and Pedagogical Sciences 

The Master of Science in Kinesiology with a specialization in behavioral, psychological, and pedagogical sciences enhances student preparation for careers in a variety of health professions and provides a foundation for further study in doctoral programs. Behavioral, psychological, and pedagogical sciences focuses on investigating diverse determinants of health across the lifespan with an emphasis on physical activity. Specific areas include:

Health Behavior Change

  • Understanding behavioral determinants of health that improve quality of life across the lifespan
  • Developing and evaluating interventions and policies that improve individual and population health

Psychology of Physical Activity

  • Investigating psychosocial determinants of physical activity and health
  • Understanding influences of physical activity on health and well-being across the lifespan


  • Investigating focus areas of teacher and learner cognition, emotion, and motivation
  • Enhancing professional knowledge, competencies, and skills in applied kinesiology fields such as teaching, coaching, personal training, wellness education, and mental training.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology or related field 

Course Requirements

M.S. Program for Specialization in Behavioral, Psychological, and Pedagogical Sciences***
(Thesis & Non-Thesis option)

Research Methods & Design 6 Credit Hours
 KIN 7900 Introduction to Research Methods 3
KIN 7501 Adv  Research Methods or KIN 7574 Qualitative Research in Kinesiology        3


Kinesiology Core

Motor Behavior Elective (select one) 3 Credit Hours
KIN 7508 Analysis of Human Movement 3
KIN 7510 Motor Learning 3
KIN 7512 Motor Control 3
KIN 7520 Motor Development 3


Exercise Physiology Elective (select one) 3 Credit Hours
KIN 7534 Exercise in Health and Disease 3
KIN 4526 Physiology of Endurance Training 3
KIN 7537 Exercise and the Environment 3

Specialization Requirement (select 4) 12 Credit Hours
KIN 7502 Curriculum Construction in Physical Education 3
KIN 7513 Seminar in Physical Education Professional Preparation 3
KIN 7514 Pedagogy in Physical Education 3
KIN 7515 Theories of Achievement Motivation in Physical Activity 3
KIN 7528 Sport Psychology 3
KIN 7601 Changing Health Behavior 3
KIN 7602 Social Ecological Influences on Physical Activity and Health 3
KIN 7603 Stress Management and Emotional Health 3
Total for Required Courses 24 Credit hours
Thesis Option KIN 8000 Thesis Research   6
Thesis Degree Total 30 Credit hours
Non-Thesis Option Approved Electives* 12
Non-Thesis Degree Total 36 Credit hours


Thesis and Non-thesis Options: All students complete the core of required course. Students who wish to write a thesis for this degree, may do so with the approval of his/her advisor. They complete their program of study with 6 thesis credits. Students who chose not to write a thesis complete 12 hours of additional coursework of approved electives. Students in the non-thesis program may elect to use as their written final exam the successful completion of the NBPTS Board Certification or certification as an American Master Teacher (with advisor’s approval only).


* Courses selected as electives must be approved by the student’s advisor. A maximum of 6 hours of independent study or independent research (regardless of the course number used) can be counted toward the degree.

*** This is a list of suggested courses and should be viewed as a model program rather than a required course list. Students should consult with counselors and faculty advisor(s) as to which coursework plan that will prepare them to meet their goals.


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