Presentations: 2013


Replacement, Reliability & Resiliency: Infrastructure & Ratemaking Issues in the Power & Natural Gas Distribution Industries
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
Louisiana State Bar, Public Utility Section Meetings
15 November 2013

Natural Gas Markets: Leveraging the Production Revolution into an Industrial Renaissance
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
International Technical Conference, Houston, Texas
11 October 2013

Natural Gas & Electric Power Coordination Issues and Challenges
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
Utilities State Government Organization Conference, Pointe Clear, Alabama
9 July 2013

Louisiana Unconventional Natural Gas and Industrial Redevelopment
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
Risk Management Association Luncheon
21 March 2013

Unconventional Resources and Louisiana’s Manufacturing Development Renaissance
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
Baton Rouge Press Club
28 January 2013

New Industrial Operations Leveraged by Unconventional Natural Gas
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
American Petroleum Institute Louisiana Chapter Meeting
14 January 2013