Louisiana Coastal Geology Symposium 2018

 Coastal zone map

July 10-11, 2018
Dalton J. Woods Auditorium
LSU Energy, Coast & Environment Building
93 S. Quad (formerly Nicholson Extension)
Baton Rouge, LA  70803


Presented by
Louisiana Geological Survey
New Orleans Geological Society


This symposium will bring together scientists, engineers and policy makers from across a range of disciplines to exchange ideas, interpretations and insights on Louisiana coastal geology – both onshore and offshore – and on associated topics. It will be held in the Dalton J. Woods Auditorium of the Energy, Coast and Environment Building at Louisiana State University. John E. Johnston III of the Louisiana Geological Survey will serve as symposium chair.

Registration Information

  • After June 30, on-site registration only. (Advance registration had to have been postmarked by June 30, 2018.)
  • Checks should be made out to “New Orleans Geological Society” with “LCGS 2018” in the “For” blank
  • Regular registration:  $80.
  • Student registration: $10.
  • Speakers and posters presenters receive free registration. 


July 10

9:00 -9:15 John E. Johnston III Introduction and Dedication
9:15  -9:45 Chris McLindon Investigating the potential for subsurface faults and salt domes to impact surface infrastructure
9:45 -10:15 Richard P. McCulloh Coastal Geohazards Atlas: Geohazards
10:15  -10:45 Jeffrey S. Hanor Potential Environmental Problems in South Louisiana Resulting From the Subsurface Dissolution of Salt 
10:45 -11:15 James Flocks and Jennifer Miselis Delta plain margins: the influence of a delta cycle on a neighboring geologic system
11:15 -1:00 Lunch/poster session  
1:00 -1:30 Jarrett Levesh, Chris Mclindon and Mark Kulp Middle Miocene through Present Fault History of the Delacroix Island Fault System 
1:30 -1:45 Elizabeth McDade Coastal Geohazards Atlas: Tectonics
1:45 -2:15 Douglas Carlson Is Mississippi River Sediment Supply of 21 st Century Enough to Save the Delta Parishes of Southeast Louisiana?
2:15 -2:45 An Li and Frank Tsai High Pore Water Pressure: A Hidden Coastal Geohazard
2:45 -3:00 Break  
3:00 -3:30 Giulio Mariotti Long‐term morphodynamics of muddy backbarrier basins: Fill in or empty out?
3:30 -4:00 Laith Alshamaileh and Malay Ghose-Hajra Evaluation of Sediment Hydrodynamics and Critical Bed-Shear-Stress for coastal marsh restoration projects
4:00 -4:30 Anthony Duplechin Addressing Saltwater Intrusion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
4:30 -5:00 John E. Johnston III Professional Ethics For Geologists And Engineers


July 11

9:00 -9:15 John E. Johnston III Coastal Geohazards Atlas: Subsidence and Sea Level Rise
9:15 -9:45 Chris McLindon Cycles of Ecosystem Collapse in the Southern Barataria Basin During the Late Holocene
9:45 -10:15 Juan Moya An Example of the Management of Bay Sediments for Restoration Behind a Barrier Island. 
10:15 -10:45 Gary Kinsland Coastal Geohazards Atlas: Faulting
10:45 -11:15 Kehui Xu, Samuel Bentley, et al Sediment Erodibility Of Louisiana Estuaries And Shelf
11:15 -1:00 Lunch/poster session  


Session 1 - Auditorium, Moderated by John E. Johnston III

1:00 -1:30 Michael Merritt Coastal Geohazards Atlas: Special Interest Areas
1:30 -2:00 George Voyiadjis and Yaneng Zhou Time-dependent Modeling of Subsidence due to Drainage in Bounding Shales: Application to a Depleted Gas Field in Louisiana
2:00 -2:30 John Lopez and Michael Hopkins Proposed Methodology for Quantifying Subsidence Rates in Coastal Louisiana
2:30 -3:00 Akinbobola Akintomide and Nancye Dawers Influence Of Subsurface Geology On Coastal Wetland Loss In The Terrebonne Salt Withdrawal Basin, SE Louisiana 
3:00 -3:15 Break  
3:15 -3:45 Samuel Bentley, Jillian Maloney, et al Mass Wasting Processes and Products of the Mississippi Delta Front: Data Synthesis and Observation
3:45 -4:15 Paul Heinrich Coastal Geohazards Atlas: Stratigraphy
4:15 -4:45 R. Eugene Turner and Giovanna McClenachan Canals: Most Louisiana Landloss Is Caused By Canals And Restoring Canals Is Successful
4:45 -5:15 J. Tyler Schwenk and Richard Miller Velocity characterization and subsidence-feature imaging using seismic methods


Session 2 - Conference Room, Moderated by Douglas Carlson 

1:00 -1:30 Jesse Pfadenhauer and Karen Luttrell An Analysis Of Subsidence Patterns In Coastal Louisiana As A Result Of Seasonal Water Loading
1:30 -2:00 Lance Fontenot Effects of Salt Water Intrusion on Coastal Amphibian Populations: Biodiversity and Evolutionary Perspectives
2:00 -2:30 Wokli Bam Impacts of named tropical storms on coastal biogeochemistry
2:30 -3:00 Jun Xu Channel sedimentation at the Amite-Comite River confluence 
3:00 -3:15 Break  
3:15 -3:45 Nina Schulze, et al Holocene formation and evolution of Horn Island, Mississippi, USA
3:45 -4:15 Robert Hollis, et al Constraining the Holocene evolution and sand sources for formation of Petit Bois Island, Mississippi, USA
4:15 -4:45 Shara Gremillion, et al Using Lidar To Track Morphodynamic Changes On Horn Island And Petit Bois Island
4:45 -5:15 Michael Merritt Geohazards Affecting Flood Control Infrastructure on the West Bank of New Orleans: A Geological Fact of Life for Flood Protection


Poster Sessions

Abah Omale and Juan Lorenzo Fault Reactivation In South Louisiana: Interaction Among Sedimentation, Salt Tectonics And Lithospheric Flexure
Andrew Courtois, Samuel Bentley, et al A Regional Survey of River-plume Sedimentation on the Mississippi River Delta Front
Carol Wilson Organic Vs. Inorganic Accretion And Marsh Cannibalization In Barataria Basin
Clayton Dike, et al Evolution of Holocene fluvial deltaic systems along the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Giancarlo Restreppo and Samuel Bentley Using 137Cs and 210Pb to determine accretional trends in Fourleague Bay, LA, over the previous century
Grayton Bruno, et al Marsh sediment characteristics give insight into spatial variability of marsh-edge erosion
Hamid Vahdat Aboueshagh and Frank Tsai Development of a Chicot aquifer groundwater model to study complex hydrogeological structure and saltwater intrusion in SW LA
Jeremiah Robinson and Giulio Mariotti Inferring causes of marsh loss from spatial patterns of marsh channel widening
Jinliang Liu, et al Sediment flocculation modulated by turbulent water flows
John Snead, et al Landforms of the Louisiana Coastal Plain
Kendall Valentine and Giulio Mariotti Marsh edge erosion in Barataria Bay, LA
Suyapa Gonzalez, Sam Bentley, et al Stratigraphic Reconstruction of a Late Pleistocene Cypress Forest Discovered on the Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf
Matthew O'Leary and Raphael Gottardi Relationship between Growth Fault and Subsidence: Impact on Coastal Erosion
Brandon Muller Restoring Louisiana's Wetland Ecosystems in Inactive Oil Fields


Below is a map showing the Energy, Coast and Environment Building, located at S. Quad Drive (formerly Nicholson Extension) and Nicholson, next to the Credit Union and south of Tiger Stadium. Attendees should park in the "Event Parking" area. NOTE: If you park in the "Reserved" areas, your car will likely be towed.

After parking, enter the rotunda, register and pick up a parking pass (good for both days) to take directly back to your car and display prominently.


















For further information, please contact John E. Johnston III at hammer@lsu.edu.