Choice Credit for College Learning Program


LSU's Choice Credit for College Learning Program offers all high-school learners affordable access to college-level courses in an entirely no-risk environment. This opportunity fosters academic self-confidence while providing an introductory exposure to the high demands and challenges of undergraduate curriculum.  


The Choice Credit program offers students an advantage to gain authentic college-level course experience and complete their high-school diplomas at the same time. Upon completion of the undergraduate course, students may opt to receive the LSU credit if satisfied with their final grade.

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Available Courses

The 2024-25 Choice Credit for College Learning Program will offer the following asynchronous college Math courses:

MATH 1015: Basic Mathematics and Applications (CMAT 1203)

Designed for students who wish to continue building prerequisite skills before enrolling in college algebra. Math 1015 counts in the University of Louisiana and Louisiana Community and Technical College Systems (see Louisiana's Articulation Matrix) along with other private and public colleges/universities in Louisiana.

MATH 1029: Contemporary Mathematics (CMAT 1103)

Gen Ed course primarily for students in liberal arts and social sciences at most colleges/universities in Louisiana. 


*Other LSU math courses such as College Algebra, Trigonometry, Business Calculus, and Calculus will be offered through LSU’s traditional Dual Enrollment program.

Dual Enrollment Website

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